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Luxurious Chest in The Temples Forsaken

One Luxurious Chest and two Common Chests are sealed behind a brand new puzzle where you need to play around with sands in Cascade Pools. This puzzle isn't hard, but new players may find it confusing and hard to complete. This guide will help you complete it!

Alhaitham Quick TL;DR Team Comp Guide

Alhaitham (literally the “knowledge is power” guy) Element: Dendro Weapon: Sword Pros: Extremely consistent Dendro procsStrong self-buffsDendro Keqing if she was brokenHas Dendro DMG% as Ascension statDecent damage multipliersEasy to playViable DPS is most comps + variety Cons: Q is…

Yaoyao Quick TL;DR Support/Healer Build Guide

PSA #1: A Support/Healer is your mom, because they keep telling you to eat your veggies to grow stronger… it works though 💪! PSA #2: Both Yaoyao’s abilities scale off ATK and Max HP, but you’re better off slapping a…

Alhaitham Quick TL;DR DPS Build Guide

PSA #1: A DPS is literally that kid who studied the sword while you were messing around… literally… PSA #2: Both Alhaitham’s abilities scale off ATK, but he also gets massive gains from EM so don’t forget to give him…

Mysterious Clipboard 14 & 15 Location

You can interact with the mailbox in Dream-state Vanarana to get the 14th and 15th paintings. Remember that you can only get 1 painting per day so if you didn’t get these two before, you need to wait for daily reset before you can get the last one~

Luxurious Chest in Wounded Shin Valley

The Luxurious Chest is locked behind four locations where you need to defeat all the mobs. Once each location is completed (the mobs are defeated), the totem in the middle will light up. And once all four totems light up, the Luxurious Chest will appear.

Version 3.4 All Event Notices Compilation

HoYoverse decides to try something new and that is to reveal every banner and event date prior to the 3.4 update maintenance. But that is not a problem for us, in fact, it's even better because we can calculate how many Primogems we can get more clearly for the first and second half of the update.