A Glance At Bennett: Overview and Play


Bennett is without a doubt one of the best supports in game. From high Burst DMG to fantastic buffs and ridiculous cooldown speeds, this explosive battery of a character will keep himself alive even in the toughest of Domains and Fights.

… No guarantee for your teammates but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.




Bennett is a member of Mondstadt’s Adventurers’ Guild. He has a fascinatingly high tolerance for pain and is not afraid to dive headfirst into danger. He also has horribly bad luck.

For the longest time he believed it was normal to find empty chests on his adventurers.

As a result of his misfortune, a vast majority of those he comes into contact with believe he’s cursed. Still, that hasn’t stopped him from exploring every dangerous cavern and hole.

Nor has it stopped his undying efforts to form Benny’s Adventure Team! regardless of how many times it’s failed.

(Traveler, please add him to your team.)

He looks after and takes care of many older members of the Adventurers’ Guild, thus referring to them as his ‘dads’.

The Basics

Recommended BuildRecommended Artifact SetRecommended Weapon
SupportNoblesse ObligeSkyward Blade/Festering Desire

There are multiple weapon and artifact combinations Bennett can adapt to, particularly for F2P.

Prototype Rancour, Favonius Sword, and yes, The Flute, can be used in place of harder to roll 4 and 5 -Star weapons.

Likewise, Bennett can be paired with the Crimson Witch of Flames and Gladiator Artifact Set in a mixed fashion for bonuses to Pyro DMG by 15% and overall ATK by 18%.


Tempting it might be to craft Bennett into a Main or Sub DPS, his greatest strength comes straight from his Elemental Burst.

Aside from his Talent, Passion Overload, Bennett’s Burst is what you’ll mostly use for power-ups and heals while switching like a madman between the other characters on your team.

Fantastic Voyage‘s AoE regenerates the health of party members within its range until it reaches 70%. How much health is restored scales from Bennett’s Max HP.

The higher the HP, the higher the healing.

Likewise, party members whose health is at 70% or above will gain an ATK Bonus based directly off Bennett’s Base Attack.

The good news is that when you reach Constellation Lvl. 1, this ATK Bonus is no longer dependent on a 70% health requirement.

In addition, the power of Fantastic Voyage gains another 20% Bonus to ATK.

Fantastic Voyage
Fantastic Voyage Combo

This makes for some pretty powerful stuff when combined with other elements even if you possess low level weapons and artifacts.

Moreover, when both of Bennett’s Passive Talents have been activated, his cooldown for Fantastic Voyage is reduced by 50% and while Passion Overload’s drops by 20% while in the AoE.

By tapping the Passion Overload skill instead of holding down, it becomes a rapid 2.0 second cooldown.

Passion Overload

Striking quickly will always allow you to keep your enemies imbued with Pyro for a round of never-ending, elemental team attacks.

There’s nothing better than a broken spam!

These Talents, when utilized properly, can and will carry you through the daunting Spiral Abyss.

Stick him in a team against foes of Cryo and Electro.

Unleash his Burst against those infuriating Fatui and Mitachurl Shields.

In the soul-sucking challenges of the Abyss, the satisfaction that comes as Bennett shatters defenses and evaporates weaker enemies into thin air cannot be described in words.

You’ll have to try it yourself.


Given the nature of his Passives and Skills, Bennett performs best with a 4-Piece Noblesse Set.

Not only does it further increase Elemental Burst DMG by 20%, the set increases all party members’ ATK by 20% for a good 12 seconds.

Although you are more than welcome to build Bennett as you’d like, I do advise against mixing artifacts! Especially for Support.

Do keep in mind that since Bennett’s Talents largely depend on his Base ATK and Max HP, it’s often a good idea to focus on Main Artifact Stats that give HP, ATK and Healing% Bonuses.

Ascension and Materials

Being a 4-Star character, the materials needed to ascend Bennett is way easier to farm than a 5-Star.

Repeatedly killing the Pyro Regisvine will give you the Agate he needs.

Wiping out Treasure Hoarders from Liyue and Inazuma for their Insignias will do the same.

Windwheel Asters are regional to Mondstadt and are generally clustered by the Statue of Seven in Windrise and Statue of Seven by Dawn Winery.

For the six levels of Ascension, Bennett requires the following:

From Left to Right

For every increase in level, Bennett gains a bonus to his Energy Recharge Rate up to 26.7%.

For his skill-set, this is amazing. Combined with a low CD, you will hardly ever need to worry about not having Fantastic Voyage at the ready.

Talent Materials

Generally, Bennett requires “Teachings of Resistance”, “Guide to Resistance” and “Philosophies of Resistance” to upgrade his Talents.

All three can be found at the Forsaken Rift Domain in Mondstadt.

Later he will need Dvalin’s Plume which obtainable by beating Stormterror in the Weekly Trounce Domain.

Forsaken Rift
Dvalin’s Plume

Team Synergy

Frankly there isn’t a single character Bennett is incompatible with.

Due to the long-lasting effects and expansive range of their own skills, these combos make for a good time.

Kaedehara Kazuha

Ganyu and the Electro Traveler are make for fun elemental reactions too!

Bennett’s One Flaw

Nobody’s perfect and Bennett is no exception.

Discourse does exist over his Constellation Lvl. 6 Ability. When Fantastic Voyage is used, it automatically changes the DMG of all party members caught in its AoE to Pyro.

And it really doesn’t go away until it ends.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to play a character (unless you’re stacking Bennett with Cryo Artifacts, then we should talk).

Whether you wish to keep Bennett at C5 or boost him to C6 is entirely up to you!

Just… give your teammates in Co-op a heads-up if you decide to go C6.

Fellow Travelers are far less forgiving at having their DMG shanked, after all, than your wonderful NPC Companions.

And hey-

At the very least, even if all your teammates fall, with your magical healing abilities there’s a good chance you’ll still be alive to get them their rewards.

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