A Look Into the Alley Flash

The Alley Flash was a sword that was introduced in Genshin Impact during the 1.4 update. Exclusive to the weapons banner, there aren’t many chances to obtain the Alley Flash. So, before you decide to invest your hard-earned Primogems, learn everything there is to know about the sword.

In-Game Description

A straight sword as black as the night. It once belonged to a thief who roamed the benighted streets.

Ascension Materials

  • 3 x Tiles of Decarabian’s Tower
  • 9 x Debris of Decarabian’s Tower
  • 9 x Fragment of Decarabian’s Epic
  • 4 x Scattered Piece of Decarabian’s Dream
  • 15 x Heavy Horn
  • 18 x Black Bronze Horn
  • 27 x Black Crystal Horn
  • 10 x Divining Scroll
  • 15 x Sealed Scroll
  • 18 x Frobidden Curse Scroll

How can you get the Alley Flash?

Unlike other 4-star weapons, the Alley Flash is a banner exclusive weapon. This means that you can only hope to obtain it when it has a rate-up. Since there isn’t any set date for reruns, you’ll have to keep your eye out for any updates from Genshin’s live stream to know when the sword will return.

Weapon stats and passive

Currently, the Alley Flash has the highest base attack, reaching 620 ATK at level 90. This is more than most 5-star weapons, except for the Aquila Favonia. It also has an Elemental Mastery substat, starting at 12 and then going up to 55 at its highest level.

When equipped the Alley Flash’s passive increases a character’s DMG by 12%. At refinement 5, the damage increase by the passive is 24% which is pretty good. However, when the character takes damage, the passive is disabled for 5s.

Who can use the Alley Flash?

Given the Elemental Mastery substat and a passive that can be disrupted when damage is taken, there are only a few characters that can utilize this weapon. While the passive is only gone for 5s, in a game like Genshin, even a second can make a big difference, especially when you’re challenging the Abyss. This sword is most suitable for support characters.


Alley Flash can be beneficial for a support Bennett as it currently has the highest base ATK among all the 4-star weapons as well as most of the 5-star weapons. His burst, Fantastic Voyage, provides characters on the field with an ATK bonus that is based on Bennett’s base ATK. Paired with the Alley Flash, that bonus can be increased substantially.

The Elemental Mastery substat isn’t wasted on him since EM is good for reaction-based attacks.


Xingqiu is a decent candidate for the Alley Flash thanks to his burst that can deal damage without him being on-field. After activating Guhua Sword: Raincutter, you can easily switch Xingqiu out for your main DPS and not have to worry about the passive at all.


While the Alley Flash has the highest base ATK among the weapons currently (except the Aquila Favonia), it also has the lowest substat percentage. For characters that need Elemental Mastery like Kazuha, they are better off using the Iron Sting which has a 165 EM substat at level 90 compared to Alley Flash’s 55%.

The passive is also tricky to use since it is disabled the moment a character takes damage. To avoid this, you either need to have a shielder on your team like Zhongli or you have to learn to dodge well. The latter is, unfortunately, not a feat that is easily achieved when you’re playing Genshin on your phone.

If you do decide to roll for this weapon, it just really depends on what your current team needs and how you can use it.

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