A Look Into the Calamity Queller

The Calamity Queller is a 5-star polearm that was recently added to the Genshin Impact weapon roster. Available only for a limited period of time, currently this weapon has a rate-up which means your chances of obtaining it are higher. However, before you invest your hard-earned Primogems, learn everything there is to know about this weapon.

In-Game Description

A keenly honed weapon forged from some strange crystal. Its faint blue light seems to whisper of countless matters now past.

Ascension Materials

  • 5 x Mist Veiled Lead Elixir
  • 14 x Mist Veiled Mercury Elixir
  • 14 x Mist Veiled Gold Elixir
  • 6 x Mist Veiled Primo Elixir
  • 23 x Mist Grass Pollen
  • 27 x Mist Grass
  • 41 x Mist Grass Wick
  • 15 x Whopperflower Nectar
  • 23 x Shimmering Nectar
  • 27 x Energy Nectar

What can the Calamity Queller do?

Since it’s a 5-star polearm, the Calamity Queller not only has a high base attack (741 ATK at level 90) but it also has an attack substat (16.5% at level 90).

Its weapon effect gives a 12% elemental DMG bonus and that’s not all. After using an Elemental Skill, characters gain Consummation which increases ATK by 3.2% every second. The ATK increase has a maximum of six stacks. When the character who wields this weapon is switched out of field, Consummation’s ATK increase is doubled.

Which characters can use this weapon?

While the Calamity Queller has a high base ATK, when it comes to characters who can truly utilize every effect, it is more suited for a sub-DPS. This way, not only will your sub- DPS be able to hold their own while on the field, they can also increase the overall damage for your main DPS when off-field.


The Calamity Queller is the best-in-slot weapon for Shenhe so if you plan to pull for her and have enough Primogems left over, then you should definitely go for this polearm. Currently, Shenhe can increase the overall DMG of your cryo DPS thanks to her elemental skills and talents. With them, she can not only decrease an enemy’s Cryo Res but also their resistance to Physical DMG.

When paired with the Calamity Queller, thanks to its secondary effect, when Shenhe goes off the field after using her elemental skill, your main DPS’s ATK will only increase further.

Other characters

Apart from Shenhe, Xiangling and Rosaria are two off-field support characters that can properly utilize the Calamity Queller. As long as they have ER sands or timepieces, not only will the high base ATK make them more viable when on the field, when they’re switched out, much Shenhe, they’ll benefit your main DPS further.


If you’re not planning to pull for Shenhe, then it might be best to skip on the Calamity Queller for now. While its weapon effect can really boost your main DPS’s damage, there are simply other 4-star weapons that can do the same.

The Catch can not only increase a character’s Elemental Burst DMG by 16% but it also gives their Elemental Burst Crit Rate a 6% boost. Since this weapon is free, as long as you have fish, you can easily get the material required to refine it. At R5, the Elemental Burst DMG is increased by 32% while the Crit Rate is increased by 12%.

Apart from this, for many polearm users, Death Match is the way to go. But if you can’t invest in the battle pass, then there’s always the Blackcliff Pole.


The Calamity Queller is definitely not a bad weapon, especially with the high base ATK as well as the weapon effect it offers. When deciding whether to roll for it or not, you need to decide how viable it will be in your current team setup. Because if not this weapon, there will be others in the future that may suit your current characters better.

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