A Look into the Flute

The Flute is a 4-star sword and a part of the Wanderer’s Troupe series along with weapons like the Stringless and others. Currently, since this weapon has a rate-up on the weapon’s banner, we will be covering it’s pros and cons so that you can make an educated investment should you end up rolling for it.

In-Game Description

Beneath its rusty exterior is a lavishly decorated thin blade. It swings as swiftly as the wind.

Ascension Materials

  • 3 x Boreal Wolf’s Milk Tooth
  • 9 x Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth
  • 9 x Boreal Wolf’s Broken Fang
  • 4 x Boreal Wolf’s Nostalgia
  • 15 x Dead Ley Line Branch
  • 18 x Dead Ley Line Leaves
  • 27 x Ley Line Sprout
  • 10 x Slime Condensate
  • 15 x Slime Secretion
  • 18 x Slime Concentrate

What can the Flute do?

At level 90, the Flute has a base ATK of 510 which isn’t bad for a 4-star weapon. Apart from that, it also has an ATK substat, reaching 41.3% at the max level.

Due to its weapon effect, characters gain a harmonic when a normal or charged ATK hits. When 5 harmonics are gained, power of music is triggered and it deals 100% ATK DMG to enemies. A harmonic can last for 30s and a maximum of 1 harmonic can be gained every 0.5s.

Who can use the Flute?

Since it has not only a good base ATK as well as an ATK substat, the Flute is suited for characters that play the role of the DPS or sub-DPS. Following are the characters that can really utilize this weapon.


Currently, the Flute is considered as one of the best 4-star weapons for Jean. One of the best healers in the game, Jean’s skills as well as her healing scale with her ATK. With the Flute, not only can she keep your team alive but she can also deal a good amount of damage. Triggering the weapon’s effect isn’t a difficult thing for her either since she can also heal with her normal attacks.


Since the release of the game, Keqing has been a fan favourite. A powerful DPS, thanks to her quick normal and charged attacks, gaining harmonics is easy for her. This means that she can trigger the Flute’s passive in the blink of an eye, making this a good weapon choice for her.


While Qiqi may not be everyone’s choice for a DPS or sub-DPS, as a healer, she can perform her role very well. Since her heals scale of her ATK and she can also heal with her normal attacks, having the Flute on her is a good option. Especially since the weapon will increase the amount of healing she can do.


The Flute is a great 4-star weapon and can benefit many characters when in use. However, it isn’t meant for everyone. For instance, off-field DPS’s like Xingqiu can’t utilize its passive. So, when using this weapon, its important to know who can truly benefit from it and who can’t.

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