A Look Into the Lithic Blade

The Lithic Blade is a claymore that was released as part of the Lithic series along with the Lithic Spear. Having an interesting passive, this weapon has its pros as well as its cons. Since it is a limited time claymore, it is only available during certain banners so in this article, we’ll be covering everything there is to know about it. This way, if you manage to roll it, you’ll know exactly how to use it.

In-Game Description

A greatsword carved and chiseled from the very bedrock of Liyue.

Ascension Materials

  • 3 x Luminious Sands from Guyun
  • 9 x Lustrous Stone from Guyun
  • 9 x Relic from Guyun
  • 4 x Divine Body from Guyun
  • 15 x Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife
  • 18 x Agent’s Sacrificial Knife
  • 27 x Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife
  • 10 x Firm Arrowhead
  • 15 x Sharp Arrowhead
  • 18 x Weathered Arrowhead

Lithic Blade Stats and Passive

At level 90, the Lithic Blade provides a base ATK of 510 with an ATK substat of 41.3%, making it a good weapon to have on your DPS.

Its passive, Lithic Axiom: Unity, gives an ATK increase of 7% and a Crit Rate increase of 3% depending on the number of Liyue characters you have in the party. This effect stacks up to 4 times. This means that if you have a party full of only Liyue characters, the one equipping the Lithic Blade will receive a 28% ATK increase and a 12% Crit Rate increase.

At Refinement Rank 5, the percentage is increased with ATK increase at 11% and Crit Rate increase at 7%.

Who Can Use the Lithic Blade?

Due to its passive, the number of characters that can actually use the Lithic Blade is limited. This is because the passive only activate depending on the number of Liyue characters you in the team. With the roster limited, you want to equip the blade on someone from Liyue. This means your choices are between Beidou, Xinyan and Chongyun. Currently, these are the only three characters from Liyue who are claymore users.

For Beidou, this claymore can work beautifully, especially if she is in the position of the main DPS. With the ATK and Crit Rate increase, she can deal good damage numbers and the use of her counter becomes more satisfying. All you have to do is pair her with other Liyue characters. A decent team composition for her would be Xiangling for Pyro damage and overload, Xingqiu for his passive talents and Hydro-Electro synergy, and Qiqi for heals and Superconduct.

Chongyun is another candidate for the Lithic Blade. While he may not be everyone’s first option for a DPS, when built right, he can hit hard with his skills. The best part is that he’s a character who scales with ATK and will benefit from the Lithic Blade. A good team for him would be Xingqiu for his talents as well as Hydro application for constant Freeze, Xiangling for Pyro damage and elemental reactions and finally Qiqi for activating Cryo resonance.

Xinyan can use the Lithic Blade but there are better 4-star weapons for her, especially since her damage is focused on Pyro DMG and Physical DMG. She’d be better off with the Whiteblind instead of the Lithic Blade. Once you have her at C2, she’ll have a 100% Crit Rate during Rift Revolution so the passive is wasted on her.

The Cons of the Lithic Blade

While the Lithic Blade has good stats, its passive makes things a little tricky since it really limits the characters that can use it. As of now, there are only two characters, Beidou and Chongyun, that can truly utilize this claymore. But even with them, you have to make sure to pair them with other Liyue characters. Due to this, the use of this weapon is severely limited with other 4-stars giving more freedom in terms of gameplay.

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