A Look Into the Mitternachts Waltz

An exclusive 4-star bow, the Mitternachts Waltz is only available on the weapons banner for a limited period of time. While it is one of a kind in its stats, before you invest in the bow, learn everything there is to know about it.

In-Game Description

A bow painted the color of transgression and nights of illusion.

Ascension Material

  • 3 x Tiles of Decarabian’s Tower
  • 9 x Debris of Decarabian’s Tower
  • 9 x Fragment of Decarabian’s Epic
  • 4 x Scattered Piece of Decarabian’s Dream
  • 15 x Heavy Horn
  • 18 x Black Bronze Horn
  • 27 x Black Crystal Horn
  • 10 x Treasure Hoarder Insignia
  • 15 x Silver Raven Insignia
  • 18 x Golden Raven Insignia

How to obtain the Mitternachts Waltz

The Mitternachts Waltz can only be obtained from the weapons banner and only when it has a rate-up. Once the banner duration ends, players will have to wait for a rerun of the bow if they hope to add it to their roster of weapons.

Weapon stats and passive

The Mitternachts Waltz is a unique bow. Apart from the base ATK main stat, it has a Physical DMG substat. At level 90, the bow has a base ATK of 510 and a Physical DMG of 51.7%.

Its passive increases Elemental Skill DMG by 20% for 5s when a normal attack hits an opponent. When the Elemental Skill hits an opponent, normal attack damage is increased by 20% for 5s.

Who can use this weapon?

From the weapons aesthetic, lore and name, it seems like the perfect weapon for DPS Fischl. While she is mostly considered a support character, many people prefer to use her as their main damage dealer. If you’re one of those people, the Mitternachts Waltz can definitely change things for you.

With Oz by your side, the bow’s passive can be easily activated, increasing Fischl’s overall damage. This way, you can also better damage with her normal attacks. This makes it possible to avoid the interruption in aimed shots caused by enemy attacks.

While Childe may seem like a good candidate for this bow, his main damage lies in his elemental skill and burst. Neither benefit from Physical DMG.


The Mitternachts Waltz is definitely a unique weapon, however, there aren’t many characters in the game currently that can utilize it properly.

While it does enhance a bow users normal attacks, there are just better and more easily available 4-star weapons. DPS bow users like Childe and Ganyu don’t benefit from this weapon since their main DPS capabilities lie in their elemental skills and bursts.

Other than that, this weapon isn’t easily available. It can only be obtained when it has a rate up which means that players may have to wait a long while for a rerun once the banner duration is up. Even when it does come back, you don’t know how many primogems you’d have to spend just to get this bow.

Finally, its replacement like Rust or even Hamayumi are more easily available. Rust can be obtained from any banner, making it easy to refine it while Hamayumi can be crafted as long as you have the materials.

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