A Look into the Oathsworn Eye

The Oathsworn Eye is an upcoming, free, event-exclusive 4-star catalyst. To obtain this weapon, travellers will have to participate in Three Realms Gateway Offering which will be made available after the version 2.5 update. Much like other free weapons, this catalyst has its own perks and cons. In this article, we will be covering all of them.

In-Game Description

A national treasure of Byakuyakoku stored in the Dainichi Mikoshi. With the coming of the Serpent God, this item was used to notarize great oaths and wishes.

Ascension Materials

  • 3 x Coral Branch of a Distant Sea
  • 9 x Jeweled Branch of a Distant Sea
  • 9 x Jade Brance of a Distant Sea
  • 4 x Golden Brance of a Distant Sea
  • 15 x Concealed Claw
  • 18 x Concealed Unguis
  • 27 x Concealed Talon
  • 10 x Spectral Husk
  • 15 x Spectral Heart
  • 18 x Spectral Nucleus

Obtaining the Oathsworn Eye and Refinement Material

Travellers will be able to get the Oathsworn Eye from the upcoming event Three Realms Gateway Offering.

During this event, they will have to level up an item known as the Bokuso Box which will be similar to the Thunder Sakura Tree. A certain level will make the Oathsworn Eye accessible and then in later levels, you’ll be able to get the Ointment of Sight. This is the refinement material needed to take this weapon to Refinement Rank 5.

Oathsworn Eye Stats and Passive

Since the Oathsworn Eye is a 4-star weapon, at level 90 it has a base ATK of 565 and an ATK substat of 27.6%.

Its passive People of the Faltering Light increases Energy Recharge by 12% for 10s after an elemental skill is used.

Who Can use the Oathsworn Eye?

When it comes to stats, the Oathsworn Eye falls short of weapons like Eye of Perception as well as the Dodoco Tales which is another free 4-star catalyst. However, that doesn’t mean it is a terrible weapon since it has its own place in the game. The main aim of the Oathsworn Eye isn’t to focus on ATK but instead on the energy recharge passive.

Let’s see which characters that use this weapon.


Currently, Mona is one of the best support characters in the game and this is mostly due to her burst Stellaris Phantasm. However, it does have a high energy cost of 80. But that won’t be a worry thanks to the Oathsworn Eye. Being a free event weapon means that refining the catalyst to R5 is easy. Due to this, at R5, the Oathsworn Eye will increase Mona’s ER by at least 48%. This paired with the ER she gains during ascension should be more than enough to have her burst up and running in no time.

Yae Miko

If your gacha luck hasn’t been the best and you’ve been unable to roll a decent weapon for your Yae Miko, the Oathsworn Eye is a good placeholder. While it doesn’t have the best stats, it’ll give your Miko enough ER for you to use her as a burst DPS. While it may not be Kagura’s Verity, it is a good f2p substitute.


Yanfei’s elemental burst Done Deal not only deals AOE Pyro DMG but also gives her the maximum number of scarlet seals. This applies the effect known as Brilliance and increases the damage dealt by her charged attacks. This is beneficial for a character like Yanfei which is why the Oathsworn Eye isn’t a bad weapon on her.


The Oathsworn Eye isn’t the greatest weapon. Compared to other 4-star catalysts, its stats are on the lower side. However, what it lacks in stats, it makes up in its weapon passive and while it is true that it can be easily replaced by better weapons, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get this catalyst as well as its ascension material.

This catalyst can act as a decent place holder for many characters until you’re able to get their BiS weapon or something more usable. So when the time comes, be sure to participate in the Three Realms Gateway Offering.


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    • For Mona, I’d definitely go for the R5 Widsith because it’s passive, as well as Crit DMG substat, are just better for her overall. As for Yanfei, either is better when compared to the Oathsworn Eye. This weapon is more of a placeholder.