A Look into the Widsith

The Widsith is a 4-star catalyst in Genshin Impact. It was introduced as part of the Wanderer’s Troupe series alongside weapons such as the Flute and the Stringless. Not only does this weapon have a unique design as well as the effect that shows on the characters, but the Widsith can also be a game-changer if used right.

In-Game Description

A heavy notebook filled with musical scores. Though suffering from moth damage and heavy wear-and-tear, there is still much power to be found among the hand-written words within.

Ascension Materials

  • 3 x Boreal Wolf’s Milk Tooth
  • 9 x Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth
  • 9 x Boreal Wolf’s Broken Fang
  • 4 x Boreal Wolf’s Nostalgia
  • 15 x Dead Ley Line Branch
  • 18 x Dead Ley Line Leaves
  • 27 x Ley Line Sprout
  • 10 x Damaged Mask
  • 15 x Stained Mask
  • 18 x Ominous Mask

What can the Widsith do?

At level 90, the Widsith has a base ATK of 510 which definitely isn’t bad for a 4-star catalyst. It also has a Crit DMG substat that goes up to 55.1% at the max level.

Due to its weapon effect, when a character is on the field, they can gain a random theme song for 10s. There are three types of theme songs:

  • Recitative (indicated by an Eighth note): ATK is increased by 60%
  • Aria (indicated by 2 Eight notes beamed together): Elemental DMG is increased by 48%
  • Interlude (indicated by 1 Eighth note and 2 sixteenth notes beamed together): Elemental Mastery is increased by 240

This effect can occur once every 30s.

Who can use the Widsith?

As a weapon, the Widsith is definitely unique and among the Catalyst users, there are a few who can utilize it fully. It is definitely a suitable weapon for your main DPS due to that amazing Crit DMG substat or a sub-DPS who can amplify your team’s damage.

Yae Miko

Yae Miko is an Electro catalyst user and is strong enough to be a good off-field sub-DPS or support. Not only does she benefit from the Crit DMG substat of the Widsith but she can also utilize its passive really well. 120% boost or the 48% boost from Aria is enough to make her burst do high damage while. In team comps that are dependent on Elemental reactions, Interlude’s 240 Elemental Mastery increase is beneficial.

After Kagura’s Verity, this is definitely her go to weapon and its passive can be easily triggered.


Mona is definitely the best candidate for the Widsith. She is someone who can fit into pretty much any team comp and play different roles. When paired with a weapon like the Widsith, she can properly utilize its passive effect. Unlike other catalysts, she can use the buff provided by each song, making this a very good weapon for her, especially when refined.


The Widsith is a good option for Yanfei due to its Crit DMG substat. Much like Mona, she can also utilize the buffs provided by the passive, especially in the team comp meant for elemental reactions.


The Widsith is one of the strongest 4-star Catalyst currently available in the game. When paired with the right character, it can definitely boost your entire team’s damage output. But you need to remember that the weapon has a 20s downtime since the passive can only activate once every 30s. Due to this, it’s best to have a rotating team comp where other characters can take over. You also have to remember which note signifies which buff.

Once you have these things down pat, you’ll be ready to use the Widsith to its full potential.

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