Adonis’s Key and the Narrows Secret Room Puzzle Guide

The new region of Enkanomiya has brought with it new content which includes Adonis’s key and its relation to the Narrows secret room. Much like other puzzles, this one is long and a tad bit complicated so follow this guide to solve it easily.

Finding Adonis

To find Adonis, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you are in Whitenight. The puzzle starts with a Triangular mechanism that won’t activate in Evernight. Once that is done, teleport to the ruins in the Narrows and then glide down until you see three Triangular Mechanisms. Behind them, you will also find three lamps. Every time you hit one mechanism, one lamp will either move up or down. The challenge here is to arrange them in the right pattern which is shown in the image below.

Once they are in the right position, a small doorway will open. Go inside and you’ll find a barricade stopping you from going straight ahead. But don’t worry, you’ll find a sun and moon mechanism along with the Whitenight barrier that stops you from gliding down to the lower floor. All you have to do is switch to Evernight. The barrier will disappear and you can move around freely.

Glide down and then take the staircase to enter the room behind the barricade. Inside, you will find a Sinshade named Adonis.

When you interact with him, he’ll tell you that you’re not supposed to be there and then ask you to leave. That’s okay. What we need from him is the key hidden in the chest behind him. Get that, use the lever on the wall to lift the barricade and we’re done with the first part.

The Narrows Secret Room

Now, use the first teleport at the entrance of the Narrows. From there, head in the direction of the Hilichurl camp until you see a Seelie. Follow it and glide down until you reach a locked door. There will be three Hilichurls outside it that you will have to fight.

Using the key, open the door and you’ll be in the Narrow’s secret room. Explore the area until you reach a small room with two explosive barrels. You’ll need to hit them to take down the wall so you can go in further. Once you do that, you’ll reach the second puzzle.

The Second Puzzle

For the second puzzle, you’ll find two sun and moon mechanisms along with barriers that will activate and disappear as you switch between the two modes.

To solve the puzzle, you first need to switch to Evernight using the first mechanism. Once the barrier disappears, head over to the second mechanism that appears and activate it. When you do that, the barricade blocking one of the rooms will lift. Now, switch back to Whitenight and go over to the second sun and moon mechanism to return to Evernight. From there, go into the room and pick up the Evernight essence.

Now, while it may seem like you need to switch back to Whitenight, don’t. The barrier doesn’t extend everywhere and you can just go straight from the second sun and moon mechanism and jump out.

From here, head over to the Triangular Mechanism and hit it once to lift the barricade. If you follow the path, after some swimming, you’ll find a Precious Chest. But it doesn’t end here.

The Third Puzzle

Go back to the inner room where you’ll find a Key Sigil on the wall. This only appears during Evernight so remember to stay in that mode. Activate it and a set of markings will appear, similar to the ones on the floor of the ruins in the Serpent’s Heart. Take a picture or it or mark them down because you’ll need to know the pattern.

From here, teleport to the Serpent’s Heart and back to the phase gate puzzle. Keeping the pattern in mind, phase according to the numbers and if you get it right, three Ruin Guards should appear in the room. You’ll have to fight them off here.

Once you defeat them, they’ll disappear and a Luxurious Chest will appear in the middle of the room.

With this, the puzzle of the Narrows Secret Room has been solved!

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