“Adventurer’s Trials: Advanced” Event: Fun Trial Challenges

A new Genshin Impact is coming and it's the fun trial challenges, solo and co-op modes.

〓 Event Duration 〓

2023/07/20 10:00:00 – 2023/07/31 03:59:59

〓 Event Rewards 〓

〓 Eligibility 〓

Adventure Rank 20 or above

〓 Event Details 〓

● From the first day of the event, a new trial stage will unlock every day. A total of five stages will be unlocked. The first four days will each unlock a Sequential Trial and Fortuitous Trials will be unlocked on the fifth day.
● Each Sequential Trial requires you to pass three trial challenges with a fixed sequence at one go.
● The three trial challenges for Fortuitous Trials will be randomly generated after you enter the Domain.
● For each trial challenge, you are required to complete the challenge within the time limit with the specific trial character(s).
● You can take on trial stages in Single Player Mode as well as in Co-Op Mode by teaming up with friends or through the matching function.


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