Alhaitham Quick TL;DR Team Comp Guide

Alhaitham (literally the “knowledge is power” guy)

He literally got a Vision because the gods deemed his curiosity worthy and he really said “meh” 😂

Element: Dendro

Weapon: Sword


Extremely consistent Dendro procsStrong self-buffsDendro Keqing if she was broken
Has Dendro DMG% as Ascension statDecent damage multipliersEasy to play
Viable DPS is most comps + variety


Q is 80 cost and has gimmickSuffers from energy costsLong CD’s on E and Q
Reliant on team synergy to max DPSRequires C1 to negate long downtime

PSA #1: Alhaitham is a great main DPS that has a lot of potential. While his CD’s can’t be negated
without constellations, you can still easily maximize his DPS output with a solid team comp! Below is my
personal favorite:

Who to take (alternatives explained below!):


  • Her E is a great, spammable Dendro particle generator + constantly proc’s Dendro
  • Q is the strongest EM buff when paired with her A1 passive, greatly boosting Alhaitham’s EM for more damage
  • Can run 4x Deepwood Memories to shred enemy’s Dendro RES — basically acts like a 30% Dendro buff to Alhaitham


  • Her E is an amazing mobility/re-positioning utility that can proc Hydro on multiple enemies
  • Yelan’s Q is a strong off-field DPS option that synergizes amazingly with Alhaitham — allowing multiple Dendro Cores for Bloom + Hyperbloom setup
  • Her Ascension 1 Passive grants a free 50% DMG buff, boosting Alhaitham’s DPS on all fronts

Kuki Shinobu

  • Shinobu’s E is a great heal that often applies Electro to nearby enemies — works great since Alhaitham is melee 24/7
  • Q can be used as either an Electro-trigger for Alhaitham to proc off of, or can be run as a burst DPS option for higher rotation DPS
  • Frequent Electro proc’s paired with Dendro Cores cause Hyperbloom, with helps deal massive Dendro to nearby enemies (must pair with Hydro)

PSA #2: The team comp above is extremely easy in rotation and allows for both massive single target
and group damage! It’s a higher energy generation comp as well, but if you’re still struggling then you
can run an Anemo battery to substitude Nahida’s or Yelan’s slot.

The rotation is pretty simple: Nahida E + Q at start to mark enemies > Shinobu E > Yelan E + Q >
Alhaitham E and then spam 2NA 1CA combo > Alhaitham or Shinobu Q when it’s up > repeat.

Basically you just go through your team and once all the buffs are active then swap to Alhaitham to deal
massive Hyperbloom/Quicken damage! There is about a 3-4 second downtime, but it’s not the worst
(gets mitigated the more ER% your Alhaitham has).

Great flex slot alternatives:

  • Yaoyao – Yaoyao is a great Dendro applicator + amazing healer. If you have her C1, it actually helps A LOT for Alhaitham as her heals will also return Stamina back to Alhaitham.
  • Collei – While her E isn’t the best application or damage, it’s a great energy generator + spammable if you run her with Sacrificial. Her Q is great for the taunt + contant Dendro AoE DMG!
  • Sucrose/Kazuha/Venti – All three are great Anemo AoE CC’s and all do a great job sustaining Alhaitham’s 80 cost Burst. Sucrose is better of the two due to her raw EM buffing + being able to run TTDS for the 48%+ ATK buff. Kazuha is a great battery option that can subsequently Swirl with Electro/Hydro/Pyro to keep applying Dendro reactions — likewise with Venti, but he’s better for combo-ing with Alhaitham’s Q.
  • Xingqiu – Xingqiu fulfills the same roles as Yelan, but substitute the additional DMG for a sub-Heal and tankiness. However, the benefit with Xingqiu is you can run either Sacrificial Sword or Favonius to generate more energy than Yelan (more particle count)
  • Thoma – Sort of a psuedo-shielder/off-field Burst Support that allows for Alhaitham to run a Burgeon comp rather than Hyperbloom. Substitute Shinobu with a Dendro (like Yaoyao) and run Thoma in Nahida’s slot.
  • Raiden/Fishcl/Yae – All three are basically off-field Electro Enablers that allow for Alhaitham to proc Quicken/Spread.
  • Barbara – Barbara is actually not bad for the Healer slot with Alhaitham due to her ability to proc Bloom. While her E only applies Hydro to nearby enemies per heal proc (so 5x), you can use her E then NA or CA once to quickly apply Hydro before swapping off to get the Bloom procs.
  • Bennett – Bennett is always a solid Support/Healer/Buffer in general, but replacing Shinobu with Bennett allows for a consistent Burgeon comp. Just make sure to fully maximize his Q by fighting in it (obviously), and make sure the enemies are inside before Alhaitham Q.
  • Beidou – Beidou is a sub-DPS that has off-field potential with her Q. It is a bit energy in-efficient, but her Burst does do a decent job spreading Electro to nearby enemies — it also provides a pretty decent interruption resistance for Alhaitham as well!

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS BELOW! I’ll try my best to respond as I know some players may not have ANY of the characters mentioned.

Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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