Alhaitham & Yaoyao Officially Announced as Playable Characters

There will be two new characters in the next version of Genshin Impact. Check out their full introduction and voice-lines from other characters in this page!

The next new characters have been teased by HoYoverse! Two new characters may be released in the upcoming version and we’re already familiar with both of them.



“I can’t deny that he’s very smart. However, it’s a shame that a man of such talent only pays attention to the truth itself and not to the people around him. Or perhaps this is due to an extraordinary sense of individualism, which causes a lot of problems. For example, he doesn’t seem to respect his seniors… Of course, I’m not referring to myself specifically.” — Kaveh

◆ Alhaitham
◆ Admonishing Instruction
◆ Sumeru Akademiya Scribe
◆ Vultur Volans


Alhaitham ‧ Admonishing Instruction
Sumeru Akademiya Scribe

The current scribe of the Sumeru Akademiya. This title may sound very impressive, but it’s really because the Akademiya has a culture of using official titles to inflate one’s ego.

The role of a scribe may seem prestigious, but the truth is, a scribe does not have to be present at all major meetings, nor does he participate in core decision-making. The scribe is simply responsible for classifying and archiving important documents, and his presence is not required at all times. It is for these exact reasons that in Sumeru, where books and manuscript documents were once managed as a resource, the scribe is one of the people in the entire Akademiya who is in the know about various matters. In fact, one can say that this position is rather similar to that of the Grand Conservator. After all, the person who manages the various texts is the one who has privileged access to profound wisdom.

Alhaitham, the current scribe of the Sumeru Akademiya checks all the boxes above. Not many people know who he is, but he knows a lot of information that is unknown to everyone. He does not attend any non-essential meetings, and when he does, he only records key points, jotting down other minute details based on his mood. People don’t often pay attention to him, let alone know how much detail this scribe can detect in a simple meeting.

A capable person who keeps a low profile for too long is often perceived as someone with a mysterious identity and ulterior purposes. Alhaitham himself is a powerful rebuttal to all these cliché views: he is a brilliant man, but he is only an ordinary employee of the Akademiya, with a stable job and a cushy house in Sumeru, leading a carefree and comfortable life.


1) Candace
A truly unusual scholar, unlike any other I’ve ever met. He sees and thinks about things in his own unique way… I only hope he never wields his sharp mind against the peace of Aaru Village.

2) Cyno
I don’t really like people who are too smart. They think they can control everything, and constantly venture to the fringes of danger. But Alhaitham is one of the more reliable ones. In most cases, he is actually in control of things and has the ability to avert potential disaster.

3) Dori
He once came nosing around, asking my minions some questions to see what he could find out. Like I said, those Akademiya people are just pig-headed and dishonest. Why should I take the risk of others prying into my business? Right, my young apprentice?

4) Layla
I bet someone who’s good enough to get a job like Scribe never has to worry about whether their projects will get approved or be successful. Wait… Oh shoot, if he’s a Scribe, he probably doesn’t have to do any projects in the first place. So lucky…

5) Nahida
He holds a body of knowledge more advanced than most could imagine, and his mind is constantly thinking, so maybe nothing in this world could ever fool him. But is the wise man truly wise to view the mediocre majority as defective? Because without them, there is no us.

6) Tighnari
Be careful of Alhaitham. I’m not saying he’s a bad guy, but he purely operates by rationality, so people often find his actions unacceptable. If you don’t believe me, just ask his housemate — thanks to Alhaitham, he has more pent-up frustration than an angry Anemo Slime.



“I wanted to give Yaoyao the magical device I used when I was younger, so she could protect herself. But before I could say anything, Cloud Retainer had already gifted Yuegui to her. Can’t say I’m surprised. Yaoyao is a very lovable child after all.” — Streetward Rambler

◆ Yaoyao
◆ Burgeoning Grace
◆ Disciple of Streetward Rambler
◆ Osmanthus


Yaoyao ‧ Burgeoning Grace
Disciple of Streetward Rambler

In the eyes of the people of Liyue Harbor, Madame Ping always brings the smiley Yaoyao along with her, and the two behave like a loving grandparent with her grandchild.

In reality, they are not biologically related. Yaoyao is the disciple of Madame Ping, also known as Streetward Rambler.

Although she is the youngest disciple of Streetward Rambler, she takes care of her other seniors like an elder sister.

It is no wonder that Xiangling often finds herself thinking, “Why does it feel like Yaoyao is taking care of me like I’m a child… Am I not the older one here?”

Even before becoming an adeptus’s disciple, Yaoyao was always a warmhearted and considerate child. Perhaps it is for this very reason that the adepti are all very fond of her.

Yuegui, who never leaves her side, is an adepti treasure, crafted by Cloud Retainer herself. Yuegui protects Yaoyao whenever she encounters danger. It is just another testimony of the affection that the adepti have for her.

Yaoyao is talented and driven, the kind of student teachers dream of. Although she has had some embarrassing moments due to her not fully grasping the knowledge learned, this young child will no doubt blossom into a cultured and knowledgeable lady.

Madame Ping is proud to have a disciple like her by her side.


1) Beidou
Yaoyao always comes on board to play when we’re in the harbor. Trouble is, when it’s time for her to go she gives you the puppy eyes, and no one has the heart to send her away… Means we’re always cutting it quite close by the time we manage to set sail.

2) Ganyu
Yaoyao… Someone I know at the Ministry of Civil Affairs tasked me with keeping an eye on her in the city, making sure she doesn’t try and sneak aboard the Crux… Oh, you want to know what the Ministry of Civil Affairs does? …Who knows, am I right!? Heh… Who knows what they do? …Not me…

3) Ningguang
I presume you mean the girl whom Ganyu has taken under her wing. Do not worry, I have no plans to make this matter public. I am content to extend some leniency to the odd bit of mischievous maneuvering by that boat captain. One thing, though — Yaoyao seems to have become somewhat enamored with seafood lately. You should try to convince her to include some more fruits and vegetables in her diet.

4) Qiqi
Cute. Like a nice little finch.

5) Xiangling
Hee-hee, I’m proud to call her my junior! She hasn’t swung by the Wanmin Restaurant in ages, though. Maybe master is trying to protect her from me or something… Last time we hung out, I was about to dig into some fresh raw octopus from the Sea of Clouds, but not only did she stop me from eating it, she sent master to tell me off too! Ugh… Honestly, sometimes it feels like I’m the one who gets treated like the junior…

Now that the new playable characters are released, I’m sure you all going to need to farm for more Primogems~


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