All 4 Drained Conch Cups (Refinement Material) for Sword of Narzissenkreuz

After completing Search in the Algae Sea Quest, you will get a 4-star sword called Sword of Narzissenkreuz. Since it’s a free sword, you can also get its refinement materials, but all of them are scattered around Fontaine.

This is the sword, you can check in your inventory. This sword can be switched from Ousia to Pneuma (and vice versa) by interacting with a fountain in Annapausis (which will be covered at the end of this guide).

Drained Conch Cups Locations

Here are the locations of all 4 Drained Conch Cups in Fontaine. You might already get half of them because it’s already available in version 4.0.

1. Teleport to the Institute of Natural Philosophy northeast waypoint and head north to a room across the body of water. This room isn’t locked so you can just interact with the switch to open the door. Inside this room, there is a Hydroculus and a Precious Chest (also Rifthounds), the Drained Conch Cup is inside that chest.

2. Teleport to The Narzissenkreuz Ordo (book icon) waypoint and enter that dimension. There should be 2 chests in this room, an Exquisite and a Precious Chest. The Drained Conch Cup is inside that Precious Chest.

3. The third conch is inside Bravais’ Hidden Study. You need to collect 7 Mysterious Ores around Fontaine and craft a key to unlock this room. I have covered this guide before in 4.1 and you can check it here: All 7 Mysterious Ores and How To Use It. There are many chests in this room so just pick up everything and you will get the 3rd Drained Conch Cup (it’s inside a Precious Chest).

4. The last conch is inside a Precious Chest beside Pahsiv inside a cave north of Loch Urania. You need to complete The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes Quest first or you can’t access this cave.

How to Use Drained Conch Cup

Now that you get all 4 conches, teleport to Annapausis and drop down from the waypoint to the water fountain. Choose “Little Fountaine” and you will have the option to (Offer up the Drained Conch Cup) so the quest items will be converted to Refinement Materials ‘Surging Sacred Chalice’.

After that, just refine the Sword of Narzissenkreuz like normal.

Interact with the fountain again if you want to change your sword from Ousia to Pneuma and vice versa.


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