All 6 Foggy Forest Branch Locations

After completing The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes quest, you may think that’s the last of Pahsiv, but that’s wrong. You can find her in Loch Urania and she still needs our help with another task. As a reward, she will you 40 Primogems.

The Branches can be found in places with the same flowers as the Foggy Forest Path, and there are six locations.

What the clue means is: There are 6 spots in Erinnyes Forest with a small body of water on Erinnyes and a flower growing next to it. The flower looks like a tall blue tulip with multiple flower buds. Each spot will have different puzzles that reward chests, which contain the Foggy Forest Branch. Look at the image above for each location.

Foggy Forest Branch 1

Teleport to Loch Urania west waypoint and the flower is right next to the waypoint. The puzzle here is to complete the Time-Trial Challenge on top of the mountain on your south (need to collect Hydro particles within the time limit)

Once the challenge is completed and spawns a treasure chest, the branch will be inside it.

Foggy Forest Branch 2

Teleport to Loch Urania south waypoint and head southwest towards a small pond with many Volume Detection crystals. First thing first, take the Hydrograna, make it bigger by affecting yourself with Hydro, and install the Hydro Core at the top of the rock.

Then, activate the blue crystal to orange so all the Volume Detection crystals will spin. Attack the orange crystal now when 2 of the Volume Detection crystals are submerged under the water and another 2 are in the range of the Hydro Core. A Precious Chest will spawn with a branch inside it.

Foggy Forest Branch 3

Teleport to Weeping Willow’s farthest south waypoint and head north towards a pond with a shell near it. Inside the shell is an Ousia Block and you can use it to break the storage box inside the pond (take the Ousia and swim underwater). Once the storage box breaks, there is a treasure chest inside it with a Foggy Forest Branch.

Foggy Forest Branch 4

Teleport to Weeping Willow’s southeast waypoint and head northeast towards a pond with contaminated bacteria. Once the pond is clean, you can dive in it and choose Enter to arrive in an underground bunker.

Once you arrive there, there will be a treasure chest in front of you. Take it for the branch.

Foggy Forest Branch 5

Teleport to Weeping Willow’s southeast waypoint and head further southeast until you see a pond with a breakable rock inside it and Treasure Hoarders around it. Nearby that pond is a Ball Octopus ability and Energy Orb. Use the ability to throw the Energy Orb towards the pond to destroy the breakable rock inside the pond and get the Hydroculus in it.

Once the rock is gone, a chest will spawn, but that one WON’T give any branch. Instead, jump inside the pond and choose Enter to be teleported to another location. The Precious Chest inside the shipwreck is the one that will give you the branch.

Foggy Forest Branch 6

Teleport to Weeping Willow’s farthest southeast waypoint and head west to a shipwreck with a locked gate. You need to unlock the gate with 3 keys, which I’ve already covered here: How to Solve Locked Gate Shipwreck in Erinnyes Forest

After you obtain all 6 Foggy Forest Branch, teleport to Loch Urania’s south waypoint and head north towards a cave. Don’t dive under the water but look to your left once you enter the cave to see Pahsiv. Give her all the branches to complete this task.


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