All 79 Nilotpala Lotus Route & Farming Guide

Nilotpala Lotus is one of the easiest local specialty to farm in Sumeru because it can be found near lakes and river banks. Follow this guide to get all the Nilotpala Lotus with the routes provided.

Tighnari and Layla need 168 Nilotpala Lotus for her ascension materials. There are a total of 79 Kalpalata Lotus in Sumeru, not including one-time Lotus from NPCs.

In this guide, I included links to the official interactive map with the route I create! So you can mark your pins (to know which you already collected) and follow along the route! You can also save the route to continue whenever you want~ >> Click here for Layla Materials Infographic & Farming Schedule <<

Before starting, you can deploy the characters above in the team and consume the recommended foods to make sure you can reduce stamina consumption as much as you can. Tighnari and Nahida are extremely good at farming local specialties in Sumeru as Tighnari can spot the Padisarah, and Nahida can instantly pick them up with her Elemental Skill.

9 Nilotpala Lotus in Alcazarzaray (1-9)

Route 1 in Interactive Map

15 Nilotpala Lotus in Sumeru City (10-24)

Route 2 in Interactive Map

10 Nilotpala Lotus in Gandharva Ville (25-34)

Route 3 in Interactive Map

10 Nilotpala Lotus in Vanarana (34-44)

Route 4 in Interactive Map

3 Nilotpala Lotus in Old Vanarana (45-47)

Although you start from the teleport waypoint, you need to enter the hole behind the Eremite’s shack marked with a red star so you can reach the underground cave.
Route 5 in Interactive Map

11 Nilotpala Lotus in Pardis Dhyai (48-58)

Route 6 in Interactive Map

17 Nilotpala Lotus in Devantaka Mountain (59-75)

Route 7 in Interactive Map

4 Nilotpala Lotus in Apam Woods (76-79)

Although you start from the domain waypoint, you need to enter the hole on the ground marked with a red star so you can reach the underground cave.
Route 8 in Interactive Map

Video Guide

Here’s a video guide if you want to follow the walkthrough instead of just looking at the route. The video below has a higher count of Nilotpala Lotus because it includes the lotus from one-time NPCs. If you already get the Nilotpala Lotus from them once, you can’t get it again, leading to only 79 Nilotpala Lotus per run.

And if you noticed by now, there is no shop that sells Nilotpala Lotus as of version 3.3. It may be available in a future version or maybe never will.


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