All That Glitters Patch 1.3 Guide: What Can You Do in Week 2?

Greetings Travelers! After the calm before the storm, as of the 10th of Feburary you’ll have until the end of the month to enjoy The Lantern Rite! But what exactly does that mean you can do this week? (If you missed out what you can do in Week 1, be sure to check out the article for last week!)

Xiao Alatus Chapter

Our new favourite adepti has been playable if you’re lucky enough to wish for him or played the trial, but now his extended quest will be available once you log in! You’ll need to be at least AR23, but then you can finally learn a bit more about this hotly anticipated character. You can check out our TL:DR guide for Xiao at if you want to see a bit more about him, or mine on YouTube!

The Lantern Rite

This week marks the start of the Lantern Rite, although the different parts will slowly unlock as the days go by. This week will open up with the All That Glitters event and Lantern Rite Tales will open up 4 days later. Be sure to check out the event every few days so you don’t miss anything! Various requests will become available as the days go by, alongside a new story featuring the denizens of Liyue so explore to your hearts content! Completing these requests will fill your ‘Festive Fever’ which will unlock further parts of the event, in particular the Theater Mechanicus!

Note: You must complete the ‘All That Glitters’ section first before partaking in any other parts of the event, so make it a priority!

Theater Mechanicus

This strange new game mode is a stark departure from all of Genshin’s previous experiences so it’s sure to be one to try out. It will play out more like a typical tower defence game as you place structures to defend against an onslaught of enemies without the use of your skills in battle – in fact you can’t even damage them! However you are able to affect enemies by applying your elements to them so it’s still worth taking part on the battlefield. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as Genshin’s attempt to show the flexibility of the systems they’ve created.

For each attempt you’ll require a Xiao Lantern, which can be crafted by combining one each of three items. The Plaustrite Shard can be obtained from mining (Ask a blacksmith if you need to find some!). Most enemies drop Wick Materials, which you’ll get just by doing commissions. Lantern Fiber can be grabbed from flowers such as Mint and Sweet Flowers. When you were usually obtain items from any of these three sources, it may also drop a Xiao Lantern source.

It’s also playable with two players so you can grab a friend and enjoy teaming up to reap the rewards…namely Peace Medallions that can be redeemed for big rewards in the Xiao Market!

The Xiao Market

If you suceed in the theater then a plethora of rewards await you! The dust looks to be particularly useful and is otherwise only obtainable with Starglitter so be sure to pick some up – and of course, the Crown is a unique item we have only been given a few of so far that is essential to maximise talent levels, so do everything in your power to get it!

Free 4* Character!

While the Xiao Market has a lot of different benefits on offer, by far the most enticing for most players will be the free character for 1000 Peace Talismans. Be sure to save up for a Liyue character you need! Personally I’ll be going after Xingqiu as he is a fantastic support for most parties, but the choice depends who you’re using – for example, Ningguang becomes much stronger with her first constellation, so this will be a boon to many players!

Login Rewards!

To mark the start of the Lantern Rite a generous login bonus is being handed out, that will total out to 10 Intertwined Fate if you log in every day! This is another 10 pulls towards Xiao if you’re still hunting him. This is the best login bonus we have seen thus far, so hopefully it’s a sign of what’s to come!

The Abyss

The Abyss will renew at the end of this week ready for, so be sure to have got as far as you can before it resets in your region!

End of the Xiao Banner!

1.3 is the first patch so far to shorten the duration of character event wishes, so Xiao actually ends this week. If you were expecting an extra week to save for him remember it isn’t there! So be sure to do your wishes before he vanishes! Note that the weapon banner is still around for 3 weeks, so you’ll have chance to get the weapon if you decide it’s for you.

And that’s all for week two until we see what Mihoyo releases as the event continues! Stay tuned to find out what’s to come next week!


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