All That Glitters Patch 1.3 Guide: What Can You Do on Day 1?

Greetings Travelers! The Lantern Rite is finally here and we have lots to do on Day 1 of the patch – but what exactly can you right now?

Xiao Banner

Xiao is finally here and stands as one of the most anticipated characters in the game. Stay tuned to the site for the upcoming guide, but in the meantime you can try your luck at obtaining him – I’ve already spent my Primogems, if you want to see how I fared! The featured 4* characters on the banner all grant you a shield, so if you need an extra support character to protect you through 1.3 and beyond this banner will be a good choice to invest some Primogems into.

Weapon Banner

As always, there will be a new weapon banner that features the newcharacters dream weapon. Pulling on the Epitome Invocation gives you a chance at the best in slot item for Xiao, the Primordial Jade Spear – or the new Primordial Jade Cutter, which looks set to be Keqings sword of choice on release. This banner is only guarenteed to give you weapons so most free to play players should stay away, but at least it gives you a chance at Rust and the Sacrificial Greatsword, both great options.

Try out the new characters

All four characters in the banner will be available for a trial with some minute rewards for pleasure of doing so. It’s always worth doing these before you pull on the banner – make sure you enjoy the characters before you spend precious Primogems on them!

Bough Keeper Dainsleif


Approach the adventurers guild in Teyvat to learn that the ominous narrator might just be seeking out your aid! No spoilers but he’s been hinted at for a while!

New Enemies – Primo Geovishap

You’ll need to grow familiar with this new spot on the map, as the elemental above lies in wait with ascension materials essential for – you guessed it – Xiao! Patch day is really in favour of this guy. You’ll need to beat him dozens of times to power Xiao up so be ready!

Five Flushes of Fortune

Claim a Kurious Kamera from Ji Tong and set across Teyvat to take photos of…well, just about everything. Collecting photos of different coloured items will allow you to trade these for various rewards such as Primogems. Most notable about this event is that you will be able to trade photos with your friends online so that you can get complete sets and maximise your rewards. It’s the first resource trading we’ve seen between players in this way and it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out. If you don’t have anyone who can help out, the comments would be a great place to ask for help – make sure to specify your region!

Free Primogems!

As with every patch, there will be at least 300 Primogems in your mailbox to compensate for maintenance so make sure you get them before they expire on the third of March. Plus another 300 in compensation for fixes this time around!

QOL Improvements

Finally launch day brings a few quality of life improvements, such as a Dust of Azoth that allows you to convert character ascension materials to different types and even controller support for iOS14!

Geo Buffs

After the outcry of Zhongli, it’s finally time for Geo to get it’s revenge. Both Zhongli and Geo are getting big buffs this patch that mean the often neglected type will become a much larger force to be reckoned with. If you were lucky enough to grab Zhongli, try him out and see just how much more powerful he’s become.

What else is there to look forward to in 1.3?

1.3 boasts many joys to look forward to – the main draw being the Lantern Rite event which isn’t set to start for another week on the 10th of Feburary. This will bring with it a free 4* character from among Liyue’s finest alongside other rewards in Xiao’s market. There is set to be a login event alongside this that will give away 10 Intertwined Fates in total which will make pulling for Xiao all the more tempting! Keqing, my favourite character, is also set to get a banner in after Xiao and there is a mystery banner confirmed to appear after that, with just about everyone speculating Hu Tao will fill the spot. Personally I think Hu Tao seems like the kind of character that would enjoy tormenting the playerbase with her delay so I wouldn’t be surprised for a wildcard to come out – maybe the fabled Venti return banner? Let me know your thoughts!

And that’s all for 1.3 right now, be sure to stay tuned to for updates on what else to is yet to come in the patch!


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