All You Need to Know About Setekh Wenut

This guide will focus on the new boss - Setekh Wenut - from its location, abilities, and 3 hidden achievements.

This guide will focus on the new boss – Setekh Wenut – from its location, abilities, and 3 hidden achievements. Since the name is too long, I will call it Setekh for the whole guide.

1. Location

You can easily find the location once you unlocked the Statue of the Seven in Tanit Camps to light up the whole desert area. Teleport to the east waypoint from Passage of Ghouls and enter the hole right in front of you to reach the arena. Yeah, it’s very close to the waypoint!

2. Abilities & Attacks

※ Please note that all the names below are not official ※

1. Circular Whip

Roll its body on the ground in an arc, dealing Physical damage on contact. One of the first attacks it will use when the battle starts. Sometimes, it will do this attack twice or thrice in a row.

Tips: Simply run out from the circular range and you’re good to go. The range is not that big and you can dash out from the AoE if you pay attention to its animation.

2. Drill Shot

Setekh will merge from the ground and release numerous Drill Shots that deal Anemo damage on contact. Some of the nearer shots will home in on your character, while the further shots will wander aimlessly on the arena, but still near your character, akin to trapping you by spreading the shots around your AoE.

Tips: Unless you have a shield, you can only depend on your dodging skill to avoid these shots. Each Drill Shot only deals a small amount of damage, but it can stagger your unshielded character, and the cumulative damage can be dangerous too.
One best method is to stand right on its tail. This way, the drill won’t even reach you. But it might be hard because you won’t even know where it will emerge.

3. Wind Spit

Use the head to shoot out 3 barrages of projectiles after locking in on your character, dealing Anemo damage. Fun fact: this attack seems to be the rarest move it will do.

Tips: Once it finishes lock in on your character and starts to spit the Wind Barrage, get out of the AoE to avoid them. The barrage won’t home in on your character.

4. Windblower

Unleash a breath of Anemo damage, while arcing the attack in a cone-like area in front of itself.

Tips: This attack isn’t fast, but isn’t slow either. Running away to the opposite side of the beam isn’t very recommended because you might not have enough Stamina or you won’t have sufficient time to run away from it. I recommend you use a dash I-frame towards the beam to completely avoid it.

5. Anemo Beam

Similar to the Windblower where Setekh unleashes a breath of Anemo damage, but this time the attack will be in a straight line.

Tips: This one is much easier to avoid because it will only be aimed at a straight line. You can just move out of the AoE or dash to avoid it.

6. Surprise Thrust

Emerge from the sand so suddenly from below your character and deals Physical damage upon contact.

Tips: A split-second of warning below your character in the shape of a circle can be seen. Use that to your advantage and dash out from the AoE.

7. Hundred Bullets

Suspends itself midair and creates 6 Windbite Bullets around it to charge itself, before absorbing them releasing massive Anemo arrows downwards in a circular AoE.
● Windbite Bullets will be destroyed when hit by Cryo/Electro/Hydro/Pyro attacks.
● If 2 Windbite Bullets are destroyed in succession, the Setekh Wenut will become paralyzed for ~10 seconds.
● While paralyzed, it also loses 45% RES to the elements that its Windbite Bullets were destroyed by.

Tips: This attack could be said as its Ultimate, but actually not very threatening. You can easily sabotage it and even if you didn’t, you have enough time to move out of the AoE before the bullets can hit you. The circular marks on the floor will show you where each bullet will land, so take advantage of it~

< In the GIF on the left, if you didn’t paralyze it, Setekh will absorb all bullets and multiply them.

When the Windbite Bullets appear, you can use attacks from elements that will react to Anemo (Pyro, Hydro, Electro, Cryo) to destroy the bullets, which also simultaneously temporarily decreases the corresponding Elemental RES of Setekh.

Example: If you use a Pyro attack on the Bullets, Setekh’s Pyro RES will decrease. After 2 Windbite Bullets are destroyed, Setekh will be paralyzed for a few seconds.

< In the GIF on the left, if you hit 2 of the bullets, Setekh will be paralyzed.

3. Strategy

The first instance when Setekh won’t attack
The second instance when Setekh won’t attack

There are few instances where Setekh will emerge from the sand but won’t attack you. In these instances, you have free reign to unleash various attacks on its body without taking any damage even when you’re in front of it. Unfortunately, it’s a very split-second moment, so I suggest saving your Burst at this moment and just using Normal Attack / Elemental Skill.

For the team, any team is great when facing Setekh because it actually does not have that high HP or DEF, just annoying movement kits that often let it hide in the sands. As long as your team can trigger elemental reactions, this boss won’t pose too much threat. But one important thing is that it has 60% Anemo Resistance!

For the Windbite Bullets, obviously ranged characters will have it easy to attack the Bullets with elemental attacks. But it’s not impossible for melee characters to also hit it. Raiden Shogun is the best example. Her Elemental Skill & Burst can still hit floating bullets. But if you want to play it safe, bring any Pyro/Hydro/Hydro/Cryo archer.

4. Achievements

1) He Who Controls the Spice… | 5 Primogems

Use the Windbite Bullets to perform Swirl reactions and bring the Setekh Wenut in its floating form down.

When fighting Setekh Wenut, let it uses its Ultimate skill and perform a Swirl reaction using any elements that can create a reaction with Anemo (Cryo / Hydro / Pyro / Electro) and destroy 2 of them Windbite Bullets.

2) “I Hate ‘Em Myself!” | 5 Primogems

Be attacked by a Wenut for the first time.

Go to any location that has Setukh Wenut lurking underneath the sand, and let it hit you. Of course, using a shield is also a-okay and you will still get the achievement.
In my GIF, teleport to The Sands of Three Canals east waypoint and head north a little bit.

3) Flat Out | 5 Primogems

The blind Wenut crash across the desert, and yet even such reckless charges do sometimes yield results…

This time, go to a location that has both Setekh Wenut and fragile jagged rock like in the GIF above, then lure it to attack and destroy the rock.
In my GIF, teleport to Wadi Al-Majuj’s south waypoint and head south until you see the rock.


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