Amakumo Fruit Location Guide

Amakumo fruit is a new Inazuman local speciality that was added to Genshin Impact with the 2.1 update. This fruit can only be found on Serai Island and is used as ascension material for characters. These fruits take a total of three days to respawn and you can collect about 120 of them in one go. Just follow the guide below.


This is a list of the characters that use the Amakumo fruit for ascension and it will be updated as new characters are added to the game.


This is the in-game description of the fruit –

The fruit of the Amakumo Grass, which grows on Seirai Island. You can hear it crackling with a tiny current if you hold it up to your ear. The Amakumo Grass was born when the terrible slaughter that tore through Seirai Island, causing it to ever be under a stormy shroud, ended. As if showing its defiance, it will bear fruit while facing the peals of thunder from the sky. This bold spirit also accompanied those who emigrated to Seirai Island, until Koseki Village was at last ruined and no clergy-person was left to man the Asase Shrine.


As stated above, the Amakumo fruit can only be found on Seirai Island. Before you begin your search, it is recommended that you finish the world quest Seirai Stormchasers.

Most of the island is covered in an electro field and if you try to find the fruit while the field is active, you will constantly lose HP. The shield can only be deactivated once the quest is finished.

The majority of the Amakumo fruit can be found on Amakumo Peak. However, there are few plants scattered here and there on the rest of the island as well.

The plant is usually surrounded by shining pink flowers as well as light purple bushes. Since the colour of the plant is as light as the bushes and the grass in the air, keep your eye out for anything shiny.

Amakumo fruit locations in Seirai Island

Koseki Village

Koseki Village is an abandoned village full of treasure hoarders and Fatui Skirmishers. Since this place is farthest away from the electric field, there are only two Amakumo fruits plants that grow in the area. Each plant holds up to two fruits so you get s total of four from this area.

Koseki Village
Location 1

Teleport to the Waypoint near the Waverider. In this location, you’ll notice a Cryo Cicin Mage as well as Fatui Skirmishers in the distance. Ignoring them, go straight and climb up the hill in front of you. Among a set of pink flowers, you’ll find your Amakumo plant.

Location 2

Head to the Waypoint closest to the village and glide down from there, going towards the path a Mirror Maiden is walking down. The Amakumo plant is beneath a tree on the side of the path. But unfortunately, there is no way to get it without the Mirror Maiden noticing you so you’ll have to fight.

Fort Hiraumi

Location 1

Teleport to the Waypoint closest to the Waverider and from there, start climbing. Once you get to the top of the hill, you’ll find four Amakumo plants along with three Crystalflies. However, depending on the side you climb up from, you can find yourself fighting Specters or Hydro slimes.

Location 2

There are three Amakumo plants in this area, all of which are located close to one another. From the Waypoint, just glide down towards the beach. You’ll find the plant down there.

Amakumo Peak

The majority of the Amakumo fruits can be found in this area but to access this location, it is very important that you deactivate/seal the electro field.

Amakumo Peak

To start finding Amakumo’s fruits in this region, teleport to the Waypoint in Fort Hiraumi that is closest to Amakumo Peak. From there start walking down. You’ll notice one activated Ruin Sentinel along with two idle ones. There are four Amakumo’s plants in this area and due to their proximity to the Ruin Sentinel, you’ll have to defeat the enemy before you can get the fruit.

Make sure to pick up the fruits from the small island to the side. There are about three plants there.

Round 1

The Amakumo plants are located in such a way, that if you take a round of the island, you’ll be able to collect them all.

For the first round, start from Waypoint in front of the lake in Amakumo Peak. Collect the plants there and then go around the lake. As you keep walking, you’ll keep finding more and more fruits. Unfortunately, this location is crawling with Ruin Sentinels due to the number of puzzles here. Most of the plants are located next to the puzzles so while you can dodge some enemies, you have to fight others.

Round 2

Once you’ve taken a round of the lake, you’ll be back to the place where you started, i.e., the Waypoint.

From here, start another round but instead of going down to the lake, take a round of the island itself. Unfortunately, there will be more enemies to face here like Hilichurls, Specters, Treasure Hoaders and Nobushi.

Most of the Amakumo plants are located right next to enemy camps so you can either fight them or pop on a shield, collect the fruits and make a run for it. By doing the latter though, there is a chance that you’ll miss out on a plant.

The Island

To the side of Amakumo Peak is a small strip of land that also has a good number of Amakumo fruits.

Getting here is easy but you may encounter some Specters as you cross over. Other than that, as you look for the fruits, you’ll notice Hilichurls and Nobushi here as well.

The last location

To reach the last location in Serai Island where you can get Amakumo fruits, you’ll have to swim from the shores of the Amakumo Peak.

Once you get here, seek out a big Hilichurl Camp. There, you’ll find three Amakumo fruit plants growing in a small pond in the camp.

With this, you’re done collecting all the Amakumo fruits on Serai Island. Now just come back three days later and start again.

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