Ancient Colors Full Quest Guide

This quest is one of the important quests in Fontain v4.0 because it will unlock the Melusine village (Merusea Village) underwater, a shortcut of it, in addition to various other small quests.

This quest is one of the important quests in Fontain v4.0 because it will unlock the Melusine village (Merusea Village) underwater, a shortcut of it, in addition to various other small quests.

Act 1 – A Brush of Seafoam and Crimson

Rewards: Primogem x50, Hero’s Wit x4, Mora x34000 & Mystic Enhancement Ore x6

➥ Teleport to the Statue of Seven in Beryl Region and head north until you see a Melusine surrounded by Eremites. Chase away those Eremites so you can talk to the Melusine and start the quest.

➥ Keep following the navigation and go to the Merusea Village underwater. You cantalk to Cosanzeana once you reach the right location. After that, you will meet Mamere again and go to her house.

➥ When the navigation told you to walk around, you can interact with many items, but the real one you need to interact with the Bottle beside Mamere’s room. Mamere will come back later and tell you that she’s out of painting so you offer to help collect some more.

➥ When you’re at the place to collect some paint, you will encounter a new puzzle. Use a melee character (it’s much easier with melee since you need to position them correctly) to hit the red prism to the round ore in front of the prism. You need to do this 3 times with 3 different prisms/ores.

➥ For the last prism (near the shipwreck), you will notice that it does not light up bright red. So, you need to aim the 2nd prism at the 3rd prism so the 3rd prism will be activated. Only after that can you hit the 3rd prism towards the last ore.

➥ Once you’re at the A “Very Warm Place,” you need to do the same as before (aim the prism to ores), but this time, certain prisms can be picked up and redeployed at certain locations nearby. You need to move around a specific prism so it can activate other prisms. First of all, break the ore with the 1st prism in front of you.

➥ Then, move the 1st prism to your left towards the 2nd prism. The area it can be moved is very small (can be seen by the red aura on the floor) so you can refer to the image above for the best spot to place it. Then, activate the 2nd prism.

➥ Once the 2nd prism is activated, move it to the front near the 3rd prism. Then, you ALSO need to move the 3rd prism nearer the 2nd prism or both would be too far from each other. Activate the 3rd prism and use it to break the last ore near it.

➥ When you’re back at Mamere’s house, uninvited guests are here and you need to defeat them first. After the battle, Seymour is broken so you need to help Mamere fix it back by collecting ‘Parts.’ You can gather them by completing side World Quests in the Merusea Village. Here are all the World Quests that gives out Strange Parts:
1. Hey, This Isn’t Pumpkin Soup Quest
2. The Lone Phantom Sail
3. Book of Esoteric Revelations
4. Were It So Easy (This quest requires 1 daily server reset)
5. Echoes of the Ancient World (Can only start after completing Ancient Colors quest)
6. Strange Stone Chronicle (Can only start after completing Ancient Colors quest)
7. Fishing Game (Can only start after completing Ancient Colors quest)
8. The Three Primary Colors of the Solar Corona (Can only start after completing Ancient Colors quest)

➥ A Melusine that does not require a World Quest to give a Strange Part is Serene, and you can find them near Mamere’s house.

Act 2 – A Gradient of Dreams and Ochre

Rewards: Primogem x60, Hero’s Wit x5, Mora x55000 & Mystic Enhancement Ore x6
Achievement Unlocked: Nothing but a Hound Dog…

➥ After you obtain the sufficient Parts, return to Mamere and give her the Parts you obtained to repair Seymour (You will get a hidden achievement).

➥ An earthquake will occur and Mamere will request you to head to a specific location. Follow the navigation until you reach A “Very Bright Place” and you will fight a group of Rifthounds.

➥ Once defeating the Rifthounds, you need to find the hiding Melusine underwater nearby. You won’t find any Melusine there yet but a short cutscene will appear with Mamere and Seymour. Only after that, the hiding Melusine will comes out.

➥ After that, you need to save a trapped Melusine inside a Seagrass. Absorb the power from the Hunter’s Ray just near that locaiton and use its skill ‘Water Blades’ to cut the Seagrass. After that, escort both of them to the designated location (you can’t use the teleport waypoint instead need to follow the navigation and use the sea currents because it will unlock a new area).

➥ When the navigation said to return to Merusea Village after Seymour said it will penetrate the layers of rock above you, look up to see the new hole that you can use as a shortcut.

➥ Once you arrive at the Merusea Village, use a shortcut to reach A Lonely Place to find another group of Rifthounds you need to defeat.

Use the prism to resonate with the ore and free a Melusine trapped within the ore. This Melusine will tell you about the involvement of a Fontainian and a group of Eremites from before. But before you can find them, they had to find you first, with a group of Rifthounds right on their tails.

Act 3 – Blue Longing of Heart and Moon

Rewards: Primogem x50, Hero’s Wit x5, Mora x54500 & Mystic Enhancement Ore x4
Achievement Unlocked: Limner, Dreamer, and Robotic Dog

➥ Head to the A “Very Warm Place” using the shortcut (you need to swim through a sea current). You will see Jakob (or Iniquitous Baptist) doing something to the giant stone- which is revealing the ‘heart’’s original form.

➥ You’ll need to defeat Jakob with the help of Seymour and the constant Hydro element on itself because of the water around you.

➥ After Jakob runs away, another group of Rifthounds will appear and you need to defeat them too (Father- in the shape of Breacher Primus- will help break the shield Jakob creates around you).

➥ When you reach at an unknown place, you need to do the usual puzzle here and use the prism to resonate with the ore. There’s only one prism here but many ores that needs to be destroyed so aim properly. After that, you can meet Father, or the real name Elynas and they will tell you the truth about the things that happen in the past and you will complete the quest.

Extra – The Final Question

Rewards: Primogem x20 & Mora x26500

Requirement: Complete Aqueous Tidemark Quest
➥ After you finish the whole quest, you can follow this instruction and truly complete the quest ‘Ancient Colors’ (This will not appear in the Quest tab until you reach the exact location).
Teleport to The Narzissenkreuz Ordo near the Institute of Natural Philosophy.

Interact with the book to reach the Narzissenkreuz Association and lead Seymour there to truly complete this quest.


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