Ann of the Narzissenkreuz Full Quest Guide

Ann of the Narzissenkreuz is one of the most important World Quest in Fontaine version 4.0. This quest will unlock a new underwater area and a secret domain.

Ann of the Narzissenkreuz is one of the most important World Quest in Fontaine version 4.0. This quest will unlock a new underwater area and a secret domain.

Act 1 – The Narzissenkreuz Adventure

Rewards: Primogem x50, Hero’s Wit x5, Mora x54500 & Mystic Enhancement Ore x4
Achievement Unlocked: Hardship Experienced…

➥ Teleport to the Chemin de L’Espoir waypoint (right below the writing) and you will see a small Oceanid (like your Endora gadget) near the location. Talk to it to start the quest.

➥ Follow the quest navigation and you will reach a new unlocked area called Annapausis. The task for the 1st Act is quite long so bear with me.

➥ For the first task, head to this ruin with a Hydro barrier that separates the water (so you can walk and fight in there) and defeat the enemies surrounding Petite Chou (Hydro Mimic Finch). Then, the two Hydro creatures will drain all the waters in this underwater ruin with the power of friendship.

➥ When all the water disappears, there will be Mist Bubble attacks that will attack you and hinder your movement and teleport you to the starting point (it’s very annoying).

➥ To block the Mist Bubble attacks, you need to activate the crystal mechanism to create a condensed waterplank. Turn it from blue to orange and the waterplank will appear. Hide behind those walls when the Mist Bubble aims at you.

➥ At the end of the waterplank, you need to help Al (Hydro Mimic Mallard) from the enemies. After that, follow the navigation to meet Jacques (Hydro Mimic Frog).

Bubble Formation Puzzles

➥ For the next task, you need to clear the Bubble Formation and I will start from the nearest one. First of all, activate the blue crystal near your current spot to create a condensed waterplank.

➥ Then, keep following the waterplank until you reach the Bubble Formation. Take out the Hydrogranum from the Bubble Formation to deactivate it and you need to defeat enemies spawned.

➥ When the first Bubble Formation is completed, a teleport bubble will appear and you can enter it to reach the second Bubble Formation (Just follow the waterplank created by the crystal you met along the way).

➥Don’t forget to take cover behind the waterplank when the Bubble Formation is attacking you. Same as before, when you reach it, take out the Hydrogranum from the Bubble Formation and defeat the incoming enemies.

➥ Use the new teleport bubble to reach the 3rd Bubble Formation. It’s the same cycle as before, activates the crystal, hides behind the waterplank, takes out the Hydrogranum, and defeats the enemies.

➥ When being told to enter the bubble, the said bubble is the huge one on your left and not the small bubbles near the fountain. At the end of the road that the bubble teleports you to, don’t forget to activate the new teleport waypoint first!

Treasure Seal Puzzles

➥ For the next task, you need to break 3 “treasure” seals by entering a Mist Bubble to a ring. For the first seal, use the [Left Click Mouse] on the crystal to remove the invisible barrier. Yes, that’s all.

➥ At the 2nd seal’s location, the puzzle is the same as before where you need to interact with the crystal to remove the invisible barrier. But, there will be some enemies here that you need to defeat first, and you can do that by absorbing the Blubberbeast ability to release soundwaves.

➥ For the last seal, it is behind a locked gate, but don’t let that fool you. All you need to do is swim underneath the building and you will see a crack you can enter to interact with the crystal to break the seal.

➥ After taking the Luxurious Chest, swim downward to the huge tower again and walk towards the Mimic crew in front of the gate.

➥ Once you enter the tower, you need to defeat 3 waves of “Villain” with the help of Hydro Mimics. But since the enemies are immune to Hydro, all their attacks are ineffective so you can only rely on yourself.

➥ Lastly, enter the bubble to reach the upper floor of the tower and enter the unknown area. This new area and teleport waypoint is unlocked through an icon on the map. This marked the end of Act 1.

Act 2 – Kingdom Through the Looking-Glass

Rewards: Primogem x50, Hero’s Wit x5, Mora x54500 & Mystic Enhancement Ore x4
Achievement Unlocked: And After That…

1st Cycle

➥ I will say this beforehand, but there are time loops in this area! But for now, keep moving forward. You can unlock this gate by gathering the 3 Hydrograna to create Hydro Core and light up the Water Volume Detection mechanism.

➥ Keep moving forward and you will meet a new enemy you need to defeat. Only after that, the door on your right will be lifted. Then, you need to remove a Hydrogranum from a Bubble Formation.

➥ When you hear the sound of a bell and enter a door, you will arrive back at square one. Make sure you take the treasure chest before this door, which contains Green Feather Accessory for the next cycle. This is the first cycle.

2nd Cycle

➥ It’s the same as the first one, unlock the door by lighting up the 2 Water Volume Detection mechanisms.

➥ This time though, you can get a sword from the fountain. Use the Green Feather Accessory to break the seal and get the ‘Holy Sword.’ After that, it’s the same thing, you need to fight some enemies and enter the elevator to reach the same door that leads you to the library.

3rd Cycle

➥ Now if you notice, there are 3 Water Volume Detection mechanisms (subtly indicating that you’re in the 3rd cycle now). The puzzle is still the same, collect 3 Hydrograna and light them all up.

➥ During the battle with the enemies too, there will be 3 enemies (again, indicating you’re in the 3rd cycle). Defeat them all and keep moving ahead until you reach the library again.

4th Cycle

➥ Now, when you notice the new option “Someone wants this tale of adventure to never end,” you should NOT go forward anymore. Instead, you need to TURN AROUND and walk until you reach the room with the Bubble Formation (If you keep moving forwards, you won’t proceed with the quest and will be stuck in the loop).

➥ So, go back to the lift and activate it so you can reach the room with the Bubble Formation.

➥ But instead of a Bubble Formation, a new door/domain will appear and you can enter it to progress the quest.

➥ After entering the domain, you will still be in the same location, but now you can obtain the ‘real’ Holy Blade of Narzissenkreuz from the fountain that can be used in the library.

➥ After getting the sword, once again, TURN BACK to the library and don’t go forward. There, you unlock the next area from the huge glowing square tile in the middle of the room. Jump down to reach a new location (the teleport waypoint will be unlocked automatically on the map).

➥ At the water-infested area, you will meet a Dragon and obviously, you need to defeat it first. Hopefully, you bring other elements other than Hydro because they’re immune to that specific element.

➥ When you reach the last room, you need to investigate for clues. There are 5 spots you can investigate (you won’t miss them), and after that, the real clue will appear at the table just like in the image above. This mark the end of Act 2.

Act 3 – “If She No Longer Dreams of You…”

Rewards: Primogem x30, Hero’s Wit x2, Mora x22500 & Mystic Enhancement Ore x3
Achievement Unlocked: Ann in Wonderland

➥ This Act is much shorter and you’re almost at the end of this whole quest. First, meet Marianne, and then, just keep following her around.

➥ Finally, swim and go with the flow to end the story. You will arrive back at the tower where you last see the whole Hydro Mimic squad. A Luxurious Chest will appear, and you will complete the quest.

Extra – Unfinished Story

Rewards: Primogem x30, Hero’s Wit x2 & Mora x17000
Achievement Unlocked: Encyclopedia of Natural Philosophy

Requirement: Complete Aqueous Tidemark Quest
➥ Although the quest ends, there is still one last task you can do and there’s a small rewards for you once you complete them. But, you need to complete Aqueous Tidemark first to unlock the new area. First of all, teleport to the Institute of Natural Philosophy northeast waypoint.

➥ When you reach the area, head south until you see books on top of a table in the last room. Interact with that room to enter a new area (and get a hidden achievement).

➥ In that new area, just talk to Ann and complete the quest. There’s an Exquisite Chest in this room, and in there is a ‘Key to Some Place in the Institute.’ You can use this key to unlock a door in the Institute and get a Hydroculus and a Precious Chest (will be added in my Hydroculu guide).


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