Antigonus World Quest Guide

Antigonus is a new world quest that was added to the recently unlocked region of Enkanomiya. Not only will completion give you much-awaited rewards but also satisfy the curiosity of Genshin Lore seekers.

Finding the quest

The first thing you need to do to find the quest is switch to Evernight mode. Once that is done, teleport to the Dainichi Mikoshi using the southern Waypoint. From there, head north and glide down to the lower level. Over there, in what remains of Enkanomiya’s prison, you’ll find two Sinshades. While they won’t have names, talking to the Sinshade with the blue exclamation mark will start the quest.

Antei’s Sin

As you start talking to the Sinshade, they’ll ask if the Jibashiri sent you to release them. The two of them, along with a man named Antei were imprisoned wrongfully. Since it is everyone’s last day on Enkanomiya, they wish to be released and travel to the new island. When Paimon asks them if they were locked away for stealing the book ‘Before the Sun and Moon’, the Sinshade named Oogura will defend himself and then urge you to find Antei.

Out of the three people imprisoned, he was the only one who managed to escape. Oogura is sure that Antei will have proof that they are all innocent and send you to find him.

The other Sinshade, Ooshima will tell you that Antei planned to escape from the prison and head to Serpent’s Heart where he was going to follow up after a delegation from Khaenri’ah.

Finding Antei

While the game will pinpoint the area where Antei might be, you have to find him yourself. You don’t need to worry about running around too much since Antei’s location has been marked on the map above. Just teleport using the Waypoint and head on over to him.

You’ll find him standing under a tree, surrounded by candles. As you interact with him, he’ll tell you that it was Khaenri’ah’s delegation that stole the book. While it was his job to guard them, he was never in cahoots with them and in fact, even tried to fight them to retrieve the book. However, while fighting a Ruin Guard, he was severely injured, though he did manage to rip out its core.

Antei’s Request

Believing that you’re there to arrest him, Antei will tell you to look in the camp for the Ruin Guard’s core. Retrieve it and then head back in the direction of the Waypoint. Across it, under a tree, you’ll find a Ruin Guard.

Go over to it and return its core. When you do that, the Ruin Guard will be activated and immediately attack you. Defeat it and once it’s gone, you’ll find the book ‘Before the Sun and Moon’.

Now, head back to Antei and inform him of your discovery. While he’ll be relieved that someone knows he’s innocent, he’ll also be disheartened because you’re not part of the Jibashiri. This means that in the eyes of the law, he’s still guilty. However, once you inform him that he is only a Sinshade and that the actual Antei most likely passed away after fighting the Ruin Guard, he’ll disappear.

With this, the quest will end.


For finishing this quest, apart from the book, you’ll receive 40 Primogems, 30,000 Mora and 4 Hero’s Wit.

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