Archon Quests Recap | 21 Intertwined Fates

Archon Quests are Quests that tell the main story of the Traveler and Paimon as they travel the world of Teyvat in search of the Traveler's twin. Currently, there are 21 Archon Quests that will give out 1 Intertwined Fate each, after you completed them. In other words, you will get 21 Intertwined Fates.

Archon Quests are Quests that tell the main story of the Traveler and Paimon as they travel the world of Teyvat in search of the Traveler’s twin. Currently, there are 21 Archon Quests that will give out 1 Intertwined Fate each, after you completed them. In other words, you will get 21 Intertwined Fates.

1) The Outlander Who Caught the Wind

In the first Archon quest that obviously released in version 1.0, you meet some of the main characters and the basic combat mechanics. The first character you meet is Paimon after fishing her up from a lake even though she can float, then Venti along with Dvalin inside a forest, before encountering all the starter characters (Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa) alongside Jean. Your first task to deal with Dvalin here is to investigate the Ley Line disruptions powering them from three of the Four Wind’s Temples.

2) For a Tomorrow Without Tears

Released in the same version as the previous Act, you learn the existence of Fatui after seeing a woman talking to Jean (after returning from the Four Wind’s Temples) about killing off Dvalin to solve the problems in Mondstadt. You encounter Venti once again after that, and he requests your assistance to help Dvalin after seeing your ability to purify a gem you found in the forest (which turns out to be Clear Dvalin Tear).

The said Clear Dvalin Tear can be used to repair a Holy Lyre der Himmel, and the mentioned lyre can be used to save Dvalin. The thing is, you need to steal the lyre from the Cathedral but failed hilariously after being one-upped by Fatui (This is also the moment where Venti announces that he is the Anemo Archon). Finally, you meet the glorious red hair man Diluc who agrees to help because he also wants to bring down the Fatui organization. With his super underground contact, we know the lyre’s location and manage to snatch it back. Lastly, the whole gang head to Starsnatch Cliff to summon Dvalin and purify him, but once again failed but this time because of an Abyss Mage’s intervention.

3) Song of the Dragon and Freedom

With the power of friendship, you and the group manage to find the Abyss Mages to unalive it and save Dvalin deep inside the Stormterror’s Lair. During the whole shenanigan, Mondstadt is under attack by Hilichurls which managed to be stopped by the Knights of Favonius. Kaeya then told you that the coordinated attacks from Hilichurls are just bait as the Abyss Order send their stronger asset inside the city but thankfully managed to be stopped by Kaeya. This is the moment where we learn that Abyss Order is under a single leader.

Returning the broken lyre to the cathedral, you meet Barbara, the deaconess of the church. After getting out of the cathedral, you and Venti are ambushed by Signora, who has a passive-aggressive conversation with our resident Anemo Archon. The banter ended with Signora managing to snatch Venti’s Gnosis (an item used by Archon to directly resonate with Celestia). After talking to Venti once again, he suggests you head to Liyue to speak with the Geo Archon.

4) Of the Land Amidst Monoliths

The first Liyue Archon Quest is also released in version 1.0, and right off the bat after seeing the ceremony and Ningguang in her glory, you are labeled as suspects because conveniently, Rex Lapis (another name for Geo Archon) appears dead after falling down from the sky. When being chased by the Millelith, Childe saves us and ‘advice’ us to meet Adepti (a group in Liyue that consists of both illuminated beasts and gods) so they can clear your name.

You meet 4 Adepti (Moon Carver, Cloud Retainer, Mountain Shaper, and Demon Conqueror) after painstakingly cooking various foods to summon them, and none of them takes the news of Rex Lapis being assassinated lightly. After that, you report to Childe what you did because why shouldn’t you right? 😀

5) Farewell, Archaic Lord

The last Archon Quest in version 1.0, and we finally meet our best great-grandfather Zhongli! Apparently, Liyue Qixing (an organization that governs Liyue) refuses to let anyone see Rex Lapis’ deceased body (also called Exuvia) so Childe brings you to Zhongli so he can help. You go through a lot to buy the needed funeral items and also manage to meet Madame Ping (who is secretly another Adepti).

Other notable characters you meet are Qiqi and Baizhu in Bubu Pharmacy – Baizhu main where you at? – where you are tasked to help Qiqi find Cocogoat. After getting all the materials, you finally managed to take a breather and sip teas with Zhongli at a restaurant, before being interrupted by Ganyu that invites you to the Jade Chamber under Ningguang’s name.

6) A New Star Approaches

This quest is released in version 1.1, and you go through heaven and hell searching for a way to reach the floating Jade Chamber because Ganyu forgot to tell us how. This is also the time you meet Keqing and she helps you by explaining how to access the Jade Chamber. After seeing Ningguang and being manipulated (nicely) to find evidence of Fatui researching the Sigils of Permission, we meet up with Zhongli and Ganyu again to finish finding the last material for the funeral.

Once everything is settled, Zhongli got summoned to assist Hu Tao and you decide to search for Childe in the Golden House. After being rick-rolled tricked and finding no Genesis in Exuvia’s corpse, Childe misunderstood and thinks we have it and demand you to hand it over. Alas, you don’t have it so it ends with an intense battle and the introduction of the first Delusion we will see in the game.

That’s not the last battle though because Childe is now acting like a sore loser and manages to summon Osial which means involving innocent bystanders. The power of friendship once again saves the world and you manage to seal Osial once again, but this time to the bottom of the ocean using Jade Chamber. After all is done, you find Zhongli in Northland Bank (Snezhnayan & Fatui bank) with Signora and he reveals himself to be the Geo Archon – shocker right? – and willingly hands out his Gnosis to Signora. Off to our next destination: Inazuma!

7) We Will Be Reunited

Or not. Before going to Inazuma, a new Archon Quest that focuses on the twin and Khaenri’ah is released starting in version 1.4. In this quest, we meet Dainsleif, a former knight captain of the Royal Guard of Khaenri’ah. This quest is also the one where you learn that the leader of the Abyss Order is your twin. When searching for traces of Abyss Herald, you enter the Abyssal Traces domain and manage to track it down alongside a Defiled Statue (Barbatos’ statue hanging upside down).

Inside the domain, you fight off with the Abyss Herald but when you almost win, the Herald is saved by none other than your twin. They mentioned that they have to fulfill the goal of the Abyss Order before running away inside a portal with Dainsleif hot on their tail.

8) Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves

We are now in the arc of Inazuma but not fully because we didn’t reach the nation yet, just trying to find transportation to take us there, also we’re still in version 1.6 so chill. In this quest, you will ask for helps from Beidou (and you also meet Kazuha here~) with her ship to smuggle you to Inazuma, which she gladly accepts with a condition that you must participate in a martial art tournament, which you effortlessly won.

9) The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia

Setting foot in Inazuma in version 2.0, you are greeted by the best housekeeper Thoma. After a little bargaining, Thoma manages to make you help Kamisato Ayaka to try and change the tides of the Vision Hunt Decree (Electro Archon ordered to seize all Visions) in Inazuma. When doing some errands to get a travel permit so you can leave Ritou, you become aware that Signora is also here in Inazuma (shocker).

Ayaka tells you to meet people who had their Vision confiscated from them, and we finally know the end result if someone lost their vision – some lost their memory, while most just lost their motivation to live as they lose their ambition (but somehow our lovely oni Itto is still the happy boy even after his Vision got confiscated).

With the help of Yoimiya, you save Master Masakatsu, a craftsman responsible for creating fake Visions. After reaching the prison that is holding him, you are stopped by Kujou Sara but she still allows you to leave after realizing that Masakatsu is injured after being tortured by some random guard.

10) Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow

Still in the same version, Thoma got kidnapped by the Tenryou Commission as he is the 100th victim of the Vision Hunt Decree. Saving Thoma and his Pyro Vision from Raiden Shogun, she drags them into an alternate realm for a battle. Thoma quickly returns the favors and saves you before Raiden Shogun can one-shot you with the Musou no Hitotachi, and successfully flee from there.

This is where Sangonomiya Kokomi comes in with her Watatsumi Army, so they can offer protection to you, who are being targeted by Raiden Shogun. After meeting Teppei and Gorou, you are quickly dragged to the main front of the war with Kujou Sara as the big boss for the Shogunate soldier. Fortunately, Beidou, Kazuha, and a large group of mercenaries come just in the nick of time and save us.

11) Omnipresence Over Mortals

Skipping all the build-up in this quest (we’re in version 2.1 now), you finally realize that Teppei is growing older rapidly, getting weaker and weaker, before he finally passes away, and this is all because of the side effect after using Fatui Delusion.

We then finally meet Scaramouche, a Fatui Harbinger, but he claims that he is not the mastermind of the events in Inazuma, and is only following orders. Unfortunately, before we can do anything to Scaramouche, you collapse and Yae Miko is the one handling him, by giving the Electro Gnosis in turn for your safety.

In turn, you need to help her bring back Ei (the real current Electro Archon as Raiden Shogun is just a puppet). After a whole round of investigation with Sayu’s assistance, you manage to reveal the truth about the Vision Hunt Decree that Fatui is the one pulling the strings. Confronting the real mastermind – Signora – you battle her and her Delusion for a bit before she was turned into ashes by none other than Raiden Shogun’s Musou no Hitotachi. The last battle you encounter is with Ei inside her plane, and obviously you manage to win against her with the power of friendship yet again.

12) The Crane Returns on the Wind

Taking a break from the Archon storyline in version 2.4, you are back to Liyue and help Ningguang rebuild her Jade Chamber with Shenhe’s assistance. When the Jade Chamber is being built, Beidou introduces us to Yun Jin. A lot of Shenhe’s backstory is revealed here, and it inspires Yun Jin to revise her upcoming opera with the said true stories.

Once Jade Chamber is completely built and ascends into the air, a large monster appears again (shaking my head right now), and this time it is Beisht, the wife of Osial. But this time, everyone is prepared and smoothly defeated her with the help of Shenhe once again to freeze a giant tsunami.

13) Requiem of the Echoing Depths

We’re not in Sumeru yet, still in version 2.6 so we’re taking a tour quest in The Chasm that reveals more about Khaenri’ah. After entering an underground ruin, you and Paimon once again run in on Dainsleif after he disappears when chasing after your twin and the Abyss Herald. He reveals that he is a Khaenri’ah, as if we don’t know already just by looking at his eye.

Another mind-breaking lore also dropped here when Dain mentioned that the Hilichurls also hailed from Khaenri’ah and they are originally humans before being turned into a monster by a curse. A former elite young man in the Royal Guard named Halfdan, which was now a Black Serpent Knight: Windcutter sort of helps you and Dainsleif to reach the summit. Then, you have a flashback about the twin having a conversation with Abyss Herald to remove the curse and rebuild Khaenri’ah to which Dainsleif scoffs in disbelief because he believes it to be impossible. In the end, Halfdan sacrifices himself to stop Abyss Lector’s attempt to start a ritual that brings suffering to the Hilichurls, Knights, and Dainsleif.

14) Perilous Trail

In version 2.7, looks like you’re still not sick of seeing after The Chasm so we explore there a little bit more but now with the appearance of various unexpected faces: Arataki Itto, Kuki Shinobu, Yanfei, Yelan, and Xiao. One thing after another, all of you (except Xiao because you meet him much later) end up falling down further underground into The Chasm’s Bed.

Yanfei, being the girl boss she is, asks you to help her rescue Xiao because he’s injured and manages to successfully do so. Turns out, Xiao is looking for Bosacius, the leader of the Five Yakshas that is ultimately revealed as deceased. With the help of plot armor and a conveniently placed device, all of you manage to get out, with Zhongli’s help at the end after Xiao exhausted all of this energy.

15) Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark

We are finally in Sumeru at version 3.0! Collei and Tighnari make their first appearance here after helping you who faints after sniffing some incense. It’s later revealed that Collei has an illness called Eleazar and there is no medicine to cure it completely. Upon arriving in Sumeru City, you are given an Akasha Terminal and meet another person who has Eleazar called Dunyarzad, and her bodyguard Dehya.
You then meet with Alhaitham who saves you from being conned by Eremites and decides to mutually help each other to exchange information regarding Scarlet King and the forbidden Divine Knowledge Capsule.

16) The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings

Continuing from the previous quest in the same version, the trip to Sumeru City turns out to be a bad idea because now you are implicated inside a never-ending Samsara that keeps looping the same day, all thanks to the greedy and corrupted Akademiya. After all sorts of investigations with the help of Nahida, you finally manage to break free from the loop and save everyone’s lives since this experiment also causes mental fatigue. Oh yeah, Nahida is the Dendro Archon if it isn’t obvious enough with the similarity between Sumeru’s Statue of the Seven and her figure~

17) Dreams, Emptiness, Deception

In version 3.1, you help Nahida in investigating the Akademiya that starts the whole Samsara experiment in an attempt to stop them. When you finally get closer to a clue, a man appears and introduces himself as II Dottore, another Fatui Harbinger, and obstructs you from getting that document. Having achieved nothing, you decide to visit Tighnari but in turn, run into Haypasia, who excitedly said that she had reached Paripurna Life.

Accepting the offer to see the vision she saw, it was actually revealed to be Scaramouche’s memory. Not long after that, the Corps of Thirty (the military force in Sumeru) manages to track you down and stab Nahida (who is using Katheryne’s body) with a spear. In the end, Nahida got caught and you need to head to the desert just because.
In Aaru Village, after lots of mishaps, you manage to convince Alhaitham, Cyno, Dehya, and Candance to form a new friendship team and bring down Akademiya to save the Dendro Archon.

18) King Deshret and the Three Magi

When searching for clues regarding Village Keepers; those who are shunned by the village for not being useful, you and the team manage to track them all and now arrive at Dar al-Shifa to save them. But looks like the opponents are one step ahead because they manage to run away with the Village Keepers except one. But everyone in the team is a smartypants and immediately knows where the perpetrators have run off.

After a failed negotiation with the representative of the perpetrators (Rahman), everyone in the vicinity got caught in an earthquake, which reveals some mysterious ruins. Inside this ruin, we gain the knowledge that the last Dendro Archon is actually a friend of Scarlet King and helps him with his trouble, but at the cost of both of their lives. Rahman finally realizes he is in the wrong the whole time and snitches the real perpetrators out.

19) Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises

The friendship team then formulates an idea in version 3.2 to bring down the big boss in Akademiya and saved the current Dendro Archon. After long hours of last-minute preparation (and inviting Nilou to overthrow the government), the team is finally ready to commence the plan. The plans went well without a hitch at the beginning, you manage to free Nahida and now will be facing Scaramouche with a new and bigger robot body.

The power of friendship finally shines again and you manage to defeat him with Nahida’s help. But not all is well because II Dottore manages to one-up you and uses a sound wave to put you to sleep. Nahida is a smart girl though and not called God of Wisdom for nothing, as she manages to negotiate with the doctor and drove him away. The quest ends with you and the team having a celebratory feast. Oh, and the Eleazar disease also disappears after Nahida does her magic. She also reveals a few important pieces of information about the twin that they are actually from Teyvat and appeared in Khaenri’ah after the Cataclysm.

20) Inversion of Genesis

In version 3.3, you meet with Scaramouche again because Nahida took him under her wings to make sure he didn’t do anything dangerous to the nation again. This quest reveals the truth about Scaramouche’s backstory; how II Dottore is the one who has been manipulating the people around Scaramouche when he is still known as Kabukimono.

Although in a fit of rage, Scaramouche still manages to find some information regarding the twin when they arrived in Khaenri’ah, they had lived with Pierro (Fatui Harbinger) for a time, who served as a royal mage. By using his last remaining power, Scaramouche removes everything in history about himself in an attempt to change the past.

You manage to make Nahida remembers Scaramouche and let her convince him to accept himself and his past. Scaramouche, who is now known as Wanderer, kind of pledges loyalty to Nahida and agrees to help them wherever he could (in the most tsundere way).

21) Caribert

This is the latest Archon Quest as of version 3.5, and we’re back to the Khaenri’ah plot reveal. We start by meeting Kaeya and Dainsleif, with the latter dropping a lore bomb that Kaeya is the descendant of Abyss Order’s founder (your twin is more to a successor than the founder). Then you accompany Dainsleif to search for ‘Loom of Fate‘ in Sumeru.

After investigating for awhile and sleeping at the night, you awoke with no Dainsleif and Paimon by your side, but a random person called Eide that are taking care of a Hilichurl named Caribert. Too bad he lies and his real name is Chlothar Alberich and he is actually the founder of Abyss Order. That’s right, ever since you woke up and meet Chlothar, all those experiences are a dream and you are seeing it from your twin’s perspective – Sumeru really loves the concept of dreams huh?


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