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All 36 Dendroculus Locations in Girdle of the Sands

There are a total of 36 Dendroculus in the Sumeru Girdle of the Sands as of version 3.6. Adding with the previous 235 Dendroculus from Version 3.0 until Version 3.4, you will now have 271 Dendroculus. By giving all of these to the Statue of the Seven, your statue’s level should be Level 10 with 1 extra Dendroculus in your inventory as a token.

HoYoFair 2023 | Spring Wonderland Web Event

The Genshin Impact HoYoFair Spring Fan Art Special Program will be released soon! You can read all about it from the official HoYoFair account here. In the meantime, there is a new web event that rewards you with an event-exclusive avatar frame as well as a Prize Draw ID that allows you to participate in the prize draw.

New Recipe Rewards on April

Dear Traveler,Thank you for your love for Teyvat specialty cuisine. Here are two new recipes for you! We hope that your future tripes will be accompanied by good food and good friends~ A new mailbox surprise lots of players with…