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Fungus Mechanicus Event Guide | 420 Primogems

In a corner of Port Ormos, you and Paimon encounter friends whom you made during the Nilotpala Cup Beast Tamers Tournament. They are currently preparing for the next tournament, and to that effect have come up with a new game which lead to you testing their gameplay~ But don't worry, you are compensated with Primogems!

FAQ – (Wireless) Controller Usage in Genshin Impact

Dear Traveler, in previous version updates, we have made some adjustments and optimizations for the use of controllers. Here, we have sorted out and summarized the previous controller-related updates, in order to answer usage questions that you may have. Controller…

Archon Quests Recap | 21 Intertwined Fates

Archon Quests are Quests that tell the main story of the Traveler and Paimon as they travel the world of Teyvat in search of the Traveler's twin. Currently, there are 21 Archon Quests that will give out 1 Intertwined Fate each, after you completed them. In other words, you will get 21 Intertwined Fates.

Scarlet Sand Sojourn Web Event | 40 Primogems

Scarlet Sand Sojourn — The web event for Genshin Impact's new character: Dehya is now available. Take part in the event to obtain 40 Primogems! The event is super easy and you don't even need a guide. Treat this post as a reminder instead of a guide~