Ayaka Quick TL;DR Team Comp Guide!


Ayaka (more like Ayaya 😂. People have been saving for her since the moment this game released LOL)

Her lore is quite literally “I studied the blade.” She practiced swordsmanship nonstop until she was great at it!

Element: Cryo

Weapon: Sword


24/7 Cryo procsInsane self-buffsCryo Keqing if she was broken
Has CRIT DMG as hidden statHigh damage multipliersMassive AoE
Very viable as burst DPSExtremely easy to gear/playNot reliant on constellations


Q is 80 cost and can missVery squishy/prone to get hitShift/Dash provides no i-frames
Enemies can dodge QNeeds Sakura Blooms to levelSuffers against shields a lot

PSA #1: Ayaka plays very similarly to Keqing if she was just a lot stronger. She only really struggles with energy regen, since her E is a fairly high CD (unless you have C1) and her burst is 80 cost. Her team should really compliment her consistent Cryo procs, as well as provide some off-field DPS to really help her numbers when she’s spamming Normal and Charged attacks!

  • His E is a great AoE CC that also can buff Ayaka’s Cryo DPS output (just make sure it swirls Cryo!). Also great for grouping to hit more enemies with Ayaka’s Q
  • Kazuha’s Q is versatile: can either buff Ayaka by infusing Cryo into it OR infuse it with something like Pyro or Hydro to get free melt/frozen reactions
  • Great as a sub-DPS option as well, especially if Ayaka is out of stamina or you’re in an awkward rotation
  • CAN REPLACE WITH VENTI OR SUCROSE IF YOU WANT TO BUFF EM DAMAGE MORE > RAW BONUSES! Both can fulfill the AoE requirement no problem!
  • His E provides decent damage, but mainly great for it’s damage reduction + it applies Hydro to enemies nearby + heals when you take damage
  • Q synergies amazingly with Ayaka, especially due to 4x Blizzard Strayer, allowing her to consistently freeze enemies to get free CRIT%
  • Run as a burst DPS option which tremendously boosts Ayaka’s DPS output OR can be run with 4x Noblesse to boost Ayaka’s ATK
  • CAN REPLACE WITH OFF-FIELD DPS — Fishcl, Xiangling, or even Albedo all have great synergy (explained more below)!
  • Bennett can provide energy for himself while spamming his E to get Pyro procs everywhere
  • His Q is arguably one of the strongest heals + buff combinations in the game to assist with Ayaka’s DMG and her squishiness/lack of i-frames
  • Enemies standing in Bennett’s Q basically allow Ayaka to get free melt procs consistently, further boosting her DPS output

PSA #2: Freeze comps are only prioritized if somehow you’re still needing more CRIT% after running 4x Blizzard. Otherwise, melt/reverse melt comps will be your best option to maximize Ayaka’s DMG potential! While not necessary, having an energy battery can really benefit your overall DPS to help squeeze out as many Q’s as possible. While her playstyle is revolved around her NA/CA combos, her Q still does a massive bulk of that damage in a matter of seconds!

Great flex slot alternatives:

  • Venti – Great energy battery + has one of the strongest AoE’s in the game that can also shred enemy resistances to Cryo with 4x VV set
  • Sucrose – Great AoE and CC, but mainly important as an EM mule for someone like Ayaka who can really capitalize on Melt reaction damage
  • Fischl – While not the best when paired with Cryo (since Ayaka is literally all Cryo DPS), still a great off-field DPS and trickles in energy
  • Xiangling – Extremely potent as an off-field DPS that can proc Melt with her E + Q. Easy to play and cheap to gear as well
  • Albedo – Extremely underrated off-field DPS that can help Ayaka deal with Geo shields + provides Crystallize shields
  • Diona – Provides Cryo resonance for even more CRIT% + a great shielder. Can also provide decent energy with her E spam
  • Jean – Great if you’re running another Anemo to get the resonance to reduce Ayaka’s E CD. Otherwise, the Q heal is great in critical situations
  • Mona – Her taunt is amazing at spreading Hydro for freeze + her Q paired with Ayaka’s Q is basically a 1 shot nuke
    Honorable mentions:
  • Zhongli is extremely great for his shields + the fact he can provide great CC with his Q
  • Barbara if you don’t mind the E’s possibility to CC you. She can heal and spread Hydro everywhere

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS BELOW! I’ll try my best to respond as I know some players may not have ANY of the characters mentioned

Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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    • Can work, but in that case Ayaka burst DPS would be better to combo with (rather than Ayaka main DPS), since Yanfei plays more like a main DPS

    • I guess I should clarify, but it’s more along the lines that Barbara always offers the chance to get CC locked (which can be bad if you’re running a quickswap or trying to extend your DPS window with burst etc…).

      If you’re good at avoiding elemental attacks, then Barbara is great with Ayaka!

    • Personally I prefer running a Anemo slot over triple Cryo, mainly because 1) majority of Anemo characters can still pump out energy like crazy, and 2) 4x Viridescent shred is capital in additional DPS output.

      Not to mention it helps with grouping enemies before you Ayaka E/Q, so if you have someone like Sucrose, Kazuha, or Venti — they can help a lot