Ayato Kamisato Quick TL;DR Team Comp Guide!

Ayato Kamisato (He’s like the CIA equivalent of the Kamisato household. Operates sneaky beaky like)

Fun fact: He really likes beetle fighting with Itto Arataki

Element: Hydro

Weapon: Sword


24/7 Hydro procsExtremely low CDsStrong and reliable self-buffs
Has CRIT DMG as hidden statDecent AoEInsanely fast NA ATK speed
Not reliant on constellationsDecent particle generation


None really lol… Maybe he can’t CA/Plunge in E or that you have to stand in his Q to maximize DPS? He’s pretty solid…

PSA #1: Ayato is a strong DPS overall. I wouldn’t even consider his cons a big issue really, and he doesn’t lack energy generation either. Center his comp around keeping him on-field as much as possible. Below is an example of a staple taser comp (Electro + Hydro)

Raiden Shogun
  • Her E synergizes extremely well with Ayato’s E for consistent Electro-Charged, and has an extremely low CD
  • Amazing burst DPS option for tougher enemies + she can charge her stacks since Ayato can spam his 80 cost Q
  • Generates particles every time E procs basically, which is more than enough to trickle regen for Ayato’s Q
  • CAN BE REPLACED WITH FISCHL OR BEIDOU — but honestly Raiden is more than enough to consistently trigger Electro-Charged
  • E is a solid burst of damage + provides damage reduction swords that also heal a tiny bit
  • His Q is an amazing source of off-field DPS and consistently refreshes the damage reduction swords keeping Ayato tanky
  • C2 is essential as it reduces enemy’s Hydro RES by 15%, further increasing both Ayato and Xingqiu’s DPS
  • Slotted with TTDS turns her basically into a free 48% ATK buffer
  • Insanely strong AoE with E + Q that can also shred Hydro RES via 4x Viridescent set
  • EM buffer, so Electro-Charged can do a lot more DMG

PSA #2: Ideally you want your team rotation to be extremely quick to maximize on Ayato’s short E CD. Additional note: running Cryo like Shenhe with Electro is NOT recommended as you risk triggering Superconduct > Electro-Charged, which is effectively useless

Great flex slot alternatives:

  • Fischl – Oz has a fairly high uptime and a great source of Electro procs + energy regen
  • Beidou – Can be slotted as an sub DPS + her Q gives Ayato sustain and free Electro procs
  • Kujou Sara – Strong ATK buffer and can decently compete with proc’ing Electro. Conflicting cause Sara buff doesn’t last too long and she takes up on-field time
  • Yun Jin – Extremely solid Normal Attack buffer that can also provide small sustain via Crystallize shields. Lacks elemental synergy though
  • Venti/Kazuha – Both are extremely solid vacuum’s and energy batteries. Venti’s Q in particular is amazing for Ayato’s E AoE to hit multiple times, while Kazuha’s Q (if infused Electro) can consistently proc Electro-Charged
  • Bennett – Strong AoE heal, consistent Pyro procs for Vaporize damage, and most consistent ATK buffer in the game
  • If you are going to run Shenhe as a buffer, please make sure to run it in a Hydro-Freeze comp (i.e. remove all Electro users so you have synergy)

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS BELOW! I’ll try my best to respond as I know some players may not have ANY of the characters mentioned.

Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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  1. A freeze comp would also work, right? Or would electro-charged be best? For freeze, couldn’t something like Diona, Ayaka, Ayato, and Kazuha work?

    • Obviously depends on what you need, but in general an electro-charged comp will provide higher total DPS. And yes, that freeze comp works.

    • It’ll be fine. Yae fulfills the same role as Raiden and can be either used as a sub DPS or burst DPS. Either way, she’ll be able to proc electro efficiently.