Bamboo Shoot Guide: Uses, Location and Farming

There are a lot of things to do in Genshin Impact from fighting monsters to solving puzzles. Besides farming for Character Ascension Materials there’s also cooking! Food is important depending on your team especially when you hit the higher Adventure Ranks. Recovery dishes help out in a pinch, and attack and defence boosting dishes help when the bosses are several levels higher than your team. Therefore gathering ingredients for the dishes is important in the long run.

Item Information

Bamboo ShootMaterialA fresh young bamboo shoot, straight out of the ground. It is a delicious cooking ingredient with an exotic aroma, found exclusively in bamboo-growing regions.Found in the wild
Sold by Wanmin Restaurant

Item Uses

Bamboo Shoots are an exotic ingredient for cooking recovery dishes like Zhongli’s specialty, Slow-Cooked Bamboo Soup, Bamboo Soup, or the defence boosting dish Triple-Layered Consommé.

You can buy the three-star Bamboo Soup recipe from Verr Goldet at Wangshu Inn and the three-star defence boosting Triple-Layered Consomme from Chef Mao at Wanmin Restaurant. You only need one Bamboo Shoot for each dish, so you can make as many as you need.

Item Locations and Farming Route

You can find the wild Bamboo Shoots where Bamboo grows in Liyue. Bamboo is found in the path west of Qingce Village and behind the building where the village elder, Granny Ruoxin is.

It’s a relatively short three-minute farming route starting from the waypoint near the path southwest of Qingce village. If you start from the southwest waypoint, be careful of the boars when you teleport there.

There are also the two Hilichurls up the path while you’re farming for the bamboo shoots. You could even include farming for Bamboo Segments and Raw Meat if you need it. Also you will need to climb to get the two Bamboo Shoots at the top.

You could also start at the waypoint next to the building and make your way through the village to get to the Bamboo Shoots on the other side. On that route you can pick up other materials like Pinecones, Berries, Jueyun Chilis, and Glaze Lilies.

For the all the possible locations of Bamboo Shoots, check out the Teyvat Interactive Map.

If you spend more time in the cities at the Wanmin Restaurant, Chef Mao sells 10 Bamboo Shoots every 2 days. He sells them for 215 Mora if you obtain the special discount by reaching Liyue Reputation Rank 4.

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