Beidou Hangout Event Guide

Genshin Impact’s 2.3 update saw the addition of a new hangout event for everyone’s beloved character Beidou. The Crux Shines Bright is the first part of her hangout and has five endings in total.

If you’re a F2P player then getting all the endings can give you a good amount of primogems. Just follow the choices as listed below.

Note: If a choice isn’t mentioned in the guide, it means that it doesn’t affect the outcome of the ending.

Hangout Requirements

To unlock Beidou’s hangout, you need to have at least two Story Keys. These can be obtained by doing your daily quests. Other than that, you also need to be at AR 30 and should have finished the entire Inazuma Archon quest.

Once you’ve unlocked a hangout, you can play it as many times as you want.

Ending 1: Photography Class for Two

After unlocking the hangout, make your way to the Crux ship. From there on, choose the options listed below.

A Special Guest:

  • Why would I? I’m actually quite interested in the life of a sailor.

Sailor Training:

  • The Shield of Crux

You can choose The Spear of Crux as well since it will lead you to the same ending. However, the route taken will be different.

Once you’ve picked your choice, you’ll have to go talk to a few Crux fleet members and learn about their duties. After this, return to Beidou and answer a few questions.

A Little Test:

  • Underestimating danger
  • To mark distances
  • The presence of dark clouds and strong winds in opposite directions, plus white vortices in the clouds.

The Photography Crew:

  • I’ve heard there’s a fishing village near Wangshu Inn

A Smattering of Memories:

  • However you prefer.

Ending 2: Flirtatious

To get this ending, you have to first ensure that you’ve unlocked all the branches related to Photography Class for Two. Once that’s done, open the quest tab and select Beidou’s hangout. From there, you can scroll to the branch named A Smattering of Memories and then select the option to continue playing from there.

This way, you won’t have to go through the entire hangout again since you only have to make one different choice.

A Smattering of Memories:

  • Maybe go for something a little… flirtatious?

Ending 3: Once Everything is Over

To achieve this ending, start the hangout from the branch named A Little Test. Once you begin, instead of picking the right answers, choose the wrong ones. This way, you won’t pass Beidou’s quiz and she’ll decide that perhaps you aren’t meant for a life on the sea.

She will then take you to Liyue Harbor. From here on, you can pick any option since they will all lead to the same ending.

Ending 4: Sakura Blooms Upon Guili Fell

To unlock this ending, start the hangout from the very beginning (A Special Guest). Then, make the following choices.

A Special Guest:

  • Why would I? I should be thanking them for taking me to Inazuma.

From here on, you get to go on a little treasure finding adventure with Beidou. Keep in mind that you’ll have to fight some Hilichurls as well as Abyss Mages here so have your party ready accordingly. Also, no matter the choice you make, they’ll all lead towards the ending. The only place where you have to be careful is when the branch Private Chat unlocks.

Private Chat:

  • I think it’s Guili Plains, just very badly drawn.

Ending 5: Between Us

For the final ending, open the quest tab and then Beidou’s hangout. From there, pick the branch Private Chat.

Private Chat:

  • I think it’s Qingce Village, just very badly drawn.

Once you arrive in Qingce Village, you can pick any answer but it’ll all lead to the same ending: you attending a fun banquet with Beidou.


Once you’ve unlocked all the ending, you’ll have obtained 60 Primogems, 10 Hero’s Wit, 6 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment, 6 Guide to Gold and 1 Flash Fried Fillet.

You’ll also unlock the following achievements which will give you 5 Primogems each:

  • Honorary Crux Member
  • Guyun Buyers’ Club
  • Wine Unburdens.

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