Beidou Quick TL;DR Team Comp Guide

Beidou (she really do be bae tho)

Y’arr me matey

Element: Electro

Weapon: Claymore


Low E CDHas shield/counterHas damage reduction
Good damage scalingEasy to gear/playPractically 100% uptime on self-buffs
Consistent electro procHAS SWIMMING STAMINA REDUCTION (poggers)


High energy requirementLong Q CDBad at breaking shields
Maximum damage is conditionalLacks AoE in Abyss

PSA #1: Beidou is amazing, but she her lack of energy recharge and lackluster performance in AoE situations tend to be her only downfall. Her team will not only compliment her damage, but also serve to fix her energy problems + AoE issues

Who to take (alternatives explained below!):

  • Provides metric butt load of energy recharge for that 80 energy cost on Beidou Q
  • Vacuums up enemies
  • Venti E can break all elemental shields fairly quickly
  • Standing where Mona’s E is and using Beidou E is pretty funny + easy AoE
  • Consistent hydro proc’s only compliment Beidou’s Q
  • Just press Mona Q and then press E with Beidou to watch things go *pop*
  • Beidou may be tanky, but some healing never hurt
  • Superconduct compliments her EXTREMELY well as Beidou does considerable physical DMG as well
  • Provides cyro for those pesky hydro shields + permanent frozen CC when paired with hydro user

PSA #2: You can replace Mona for another electro user like Lisa or Fischl for the electro resonance, which is amazing when you proc reactions with Beidou. The comps aren’t set in stone, and it really does rely on your playstyle more than “indefinite” for Beidou (since her playstyle is distinctly unique than other characters)

Great flex slot alternatives:

  • Bennett – Has big AoE healing + ATK buff. Overloaded is great for AoE clearing as well with Beidou E
  • Fischl – Oz is a great source of electro energy that’s very hands off/easy to use + bow slot for things like Ruin Guards
  • Diona – Strong shield that provides extra tankiness, with a decent heal + cryo AoE for easy superconduct application
  • Xingqiu – E provides a slow heal and his Q is great for spreading electro-charged everywhere
  • Chongyun – Gets an honorable mention as Beidou is one of the few claymore DPS that don’t really get bothered by Chongyun’s E. Building him for burst DPS/sub DPS is a great way to maintain DPS output when Beidou E is on short CD

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS BELOW! I’ll try my best to respond as I know some players may not have ANY of the characters mentioned

Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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  1. this is a very late comment, but i wanna run a c0 beidou main, with a c1 zhongli, c1 bennett, and c0 xingqiu. would this comp run well for like a general team? im ar35 but very underleveled and trying my best to farm artifacts for them but rng be hard ;_;

    • It’s not a bad comp (very tanky and heals heavy), but it has very little synergy except Xing and Beidou. I would maybe advise running a Fischl instead of Zhongli if you aren’t needing too many shields. If he’s your burst DPS, then you may want to experiment with Diona instead of Bennett (for superconduct) or try running double Geo (replace Xingqiu) for more raw DMG.

      Otherwise, the comp is good. It’ll be good enough to tackle up to Floor 10 of Abyss (might struggle on F10-2+ though)

  2. Thank you for your guides, they’ve been very informative!

    I’m a relatively new player and am currently around AR 24. I have been able to pull a couple of times from wishes and I recently acquired Beidou and I really like her. However, I don’t have a clue about team comp and every guide I read seems to have a different opinion. I wasn’t even aware until recently about the whole having a main dps, sub dps, and a possible enabler.

    My question is, I have a C0 Beidou but I’m currently running her with a C0 Amber, C3 Anemo Traveler and C0 Lisa. I’d like to have Beidou as my main DPS but I don’t know if this setup works.

    I also have the following characters in my pool: C0 Noelle, C0 Rosaria, C0 Kaeya, C0 Chongyun, C1 Xingqiu, and C1 Barbara. Should I change to one of these or do I have a better team comp available with the pool of characters I currently have?

    Sorry for the long and noobish question and thanks again!

    • So based off what you have currently, I would run Beidou – Xingqiu – Kaeya – Barbara. Beidou is a Normal Attack heavy character, as well as Electro, so Xingqiu will not only provide a lot of additional DPS but also proc electro-charged. Kaeya mainly for freeze (cryo + hydro), and the occasional superconduct if you combo Kaeya’s Q with Beidou’s Q. Barbara mainly for healing, but if you find yourself not really needing to heal, then you can run Lisa for Electro resonance (to enhance your electro-based reactions).

      Alternatively, you can replace Kaeya with Anemo Traveler so you can group enemies for your Beidou’s Q to be a bit more efficient (or just to group for her E). Hope this helped!

      Also, don’t apologize for asking questions when you’re new 🙂

  3. Hi 2Board, thanks for you guide as always. I’ve taken an interest in her lately and Im choosing a weapon for her. Would the Serpent Spine or Wolf Gravestone be better for her, both at R1 ? Thank you

  4. Just wanna start off with a big thank you for your guides. They’ve been massively useful for me and my GF and they’re always the first place we look. We’re both pretty new and you’ve literally taught us 90% of what we know about the game.
    I love the way Beidou plays and I’ve kinda developed my whole playstyle around her lol. I was hoping you might be able to offer some tips on my comp.
    I currently run C1 Beidou, C1 Yanfei, Noelle/C1 Barbara (depending on agro/def playstyle) and the 4th slot used to have whoever but I’ve just pulled Mona and she fits in pretty well.
    The following are also in my stable: C3 Traveler, C1 Xiangling, Ninguang, C2 Diona, Fischl, Xinyan, Klee and Xinqiu.
    Any tips would be massively appreciated. Thanks 🙂

    • What you have current works, but extremely tanky. You could trade off Noelle for Xingqiu to assist with Beidou, since she’s heavily reliant on her normal attacks when her E or Q are on CD, or run Xiangling for overloaded + pyro buff.

      Electro-charged is great, so if you do run Xingqiu, you can replace Barbara for Diona instead to 1) help deal with the lack of shield for replacing Noelle and 2) you don’t have a healer who risks CC locking your character every 4 seconds. You can technically also replace Yanfei if you want, but she’s not a bad sub DPS so that works fine!

  5. Would something like Beidou, Qiqi, Benny, and Xiangling work for a comp? Pyro resonance, Xiangling for off-field DPS, Benny/Qiqi as support/extra physical DPS, with the ability to use overload and melt?

  6. Hi! I have C2 Barbara, C2 Xiangling, C1 Fischl, C1 Kujou Sara, C0 Kaeya, Sucrose, and Raiden. My Beidou is currently C1 and my usual team has her, Noelle, Kaeya, and Xiangling. How can I maximize my Beidou? Thank you so much and sorry for the late comment!

    • I would replace Noelle with either Fischl/Sara/Raiden (Fischl for more damage, Sara for better nuke, Raiden for burst DPS — even if her E doesn’t work with Beidou’s Q, it’s still good). Kaeya can be swapped out for Sucrose if you want, and Xiangling is fine!

      The goal is to get electro resonance and play off Overloaded damage (in combo with Xiangling)