Beneath the Light of Jadeite 1.5 Guide: What Can You Do as SOON As You Log In On Day 1?

Greetings Travelers! While the last two patches with 1.3 and 1.4 made us wait a few days for most of the content, 1.5 is here with a huge selection of content to be played right off the bat! Here is everything you can do as soon as you open the game!

Player Housing Introduced with a Teapot!

One of the biggest introductions in 1.5 is the introduction of customizable player housing for each player! This isn’t a limited time event unlike the last two patches so you can take your time in exploring your teapot and making it feel like home. However some rewards unlock based on real-world time passing so I’d go take a look as soon as you can! You’ll be able to unlock hundreds of items to customise your home with doubtless more being added with each patch going forward. As well as being fully customiseable using your teapot also has various rewards such as Primogems, and also lets you place various convienient items around such as a forge you can access from anywhere!

Zhongli appears once again!

Following in the Anemo Archon’s footsteps, Zhongli is here once more! He’s accompanied by Noelle, Diona and the new character Yanfei. Thanks to his buff in 1.3 Zhongli has become one of the most powerful characters in Genshin Impact as befitting his persona in the game, so if you haven’t picked him up yet this is a great banner to wish on. Diona is a welcome healer to many parties, but note she will given out for free later in 1.5, so you can boost her constellations with this banner! Noelle is…great, but she’s here again and was featured very recently in 1.4 with Venti’s banner. Finally Yanfei is actually looking very potent and you can look out for our guide soon! Zhongli is personally my most wanted character in Genshin Impact, but my attempt…well, you can see for yourself.

…And A New Weapon Banner!

…However, all of these weapons are repeats that we’ve already seen before. Memory of Dust is some characters best weapons and Yanfei is sure to appreciate it, but the Summit Shaper is rather outclassed for most characters at this point. While the Lithic Items can be a good 4* option, I’d suggest leaving this banner alone.

Try Out The Banner Characters!

Missed out on Zhongli? Want to pretend you own him? Get 20 primogems for your efforts to wipe away those tears!

Hangout Events Return!

1.4 introduced Hangout Events, and with two more being added in 1.5 it looks like this might be a feature we can expect to see every patch from here on in with any luck! It’s a nice change of pace from the normal gameplay, although we only have two characters to hangout with this time. These are a nice way to chill out in between spending resin, and even comes with some Primogems so you just know you have to do it regardless!

Zhongli’s Story Quest – Act II!

More story progression right from day 1 in patch 1.5! And this will be an essential quest to do for most players as soon as possible, as it unlocks a new weekly boss with precious talent level up materials as a reward. Make sure you do this before sunday! You also get a very important bonus item for completing the quest that I won’t spoil!

More new Bosses!

Not willing to be left behind, the Hypostasis have introduced a new boss as well! It rewards a unique level up material seperate to that of the Cryo Regisvine that will likely be required to level up Eula, so if you have your eyes set on the new character you can get to gathering materials right away!

A New Domain – Ridge Watch!

Right from Day 1 you’ll be able to start farming two new artifacts, and they are both going to be fantastic upgrades for multiple characters. Naturally both Zhongli and Eula will benefit greatly from the new artifacts, so if you get lucky on the banner this patch you’ll need to come here a lot!

A new Web Event!

We mostly see these towards the end of a patch, but 1.5 introduces ‘To the Stars Once More’ right away! It looks to be offering benefits if you entice players who once quit Genshin Impact to return…if you know anyone who might be interested, Click here to get started!

More to come!

1.5 lacks a major event unlike the last few patches, but it makes up for that with a plethora of content right of the back. Beyond that, as mentioned above there will be an event for a free Diona in the coming days, but beyond that unless something else is announced that might just be it for the patch! You might want to spread out the new events over a little while if you can – I’d be saving the Hangouts if Zhongli didn’t badly need the Primogems! There is however lots to explore, and depending how the teapot develops it could become an integral part of the game going forward! I hope you enjoy the patch, and best of luck with your next pull!


I’ve been playing Genshin Impact almost since launch and have been hooked playing daily since! I enjoy engrossing myself in every aspect of the game and particularly pride myself on an affliation for Keqing and the pursuit of moving around the map as fast as possible.

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