Bennett Guide: Best Artifacts, Weapons, and Teams!

Bennett, while not being the luckiest character in Teyvat, is 100% one of the most broken supports in Genshin. In this guide, we will cover basic facts about Bennett’s kit, talent prioritization, artifacts, weapons, his constellations, and team comps!

Basic Facts and Playstyle

Bennett is a character that you’ll mainly be using for his crazy burst. His burst scales off of his Base Attack & Max HP–which means having him leveled up and a weapon equipped with high base attack stats is very very important! Something to note about his burst is that it infuses your character with pyro, which is important to keep in mind when using someone in his team like Jean or Kazuha. Other than his burst, his elemental skill is also very good due to the damage you do compared with the cooldown you have to deal with. Along with his passives, the cooldown for this elemental skill can decrease depending on whether or not you’re in his burst (passive talent 2, “Fearnaught”) His elemental skill also provides you with a fast and efficient way to gather pyro particles for Bennett’s burst again, or another pyro carry, such as Xiangling. Keep in mind, base attack and flat attack are not the same thing. Base attack comes from leveling your Bennett, along with leveling his weapon. Artifacts with flat attack will not contribute to your Bennett’s attack buff!

Talent Priority

To use Bennett to his maximum potential, you’re going to want to level his burst first, then his elemental skill, and lastly his normal attack–which isn’t necessary to level at all actually. I recommend leveling the burst first due to the insane amount of attack and healing you’ll be giving to your team if his burst is leveled correctly. If you look at the images below, you can see the amount of attack buff and healing that you receive compared to level 10 and level 13 is crazy. 


Artifact sets for Bennett are very straight forward. The 4-piece Noblesse Oblige is best in slot for Bennett, no doubt. It gives an additional attack boost, which stacks on top of Bennett’s burst attack buff. For players that recently started and don’t have access to the noblesse set, I recommend The Exile and the Instructor set! The Exile set will give you those energy particles you might need, while the Instructor set can give you the extra elemental mastery you need to buff your team’s elemental damage. Another 4-piece set that COULD be viable on your Bennett is Crimson Witch of Flames; however, I generally advise Noblesse over this due to Noblesse being the better set for a general support Bennett.

Now, the substats for Bennett’s artifacts are pretty straight forward. I usually recommend players to have an ER (energy recharge) Sands, with an HP Goblet, and finally a Crit DMG/Rate circlet. The reason I usually recommend an ER sands, is because to get the most out of Bennett and have his burst out 99% of the time, you’re going to need ~200-250 ER. This will change depending on team comps and such, but for a general support Bennett, I would say that around ~200-250 ER is necessary. If you have that amount of energy recharge without the ER sands, I would recommend an HP sands for that extra healing. I generally advise against an EM (elemental mastery) sands, just because although it can be good to proc reactions in certain teams, I would highly recommend an HP sands over an EM sands. As for the crit damage/rate circlet, I mainly recommend this because of how high his scalings for his burst and elemental skill are. However, if you want to maximize his healing, I would recommend an HP or a healing bonus circlet, with healing bonus being the better choice.


Having a high base attack weapon is essential when maximizing your team’s DPS through your Bennett’s burst. So, I recommend going for a weapon that has a high base attack or high ER, or both–such as the Skyward Blade. I would say as you begin farming artifacts and building and investing into your Bennett more and more, you are going to need a higher base attack rather than an ER substat for your weapon. Which is why I usually recommend the Prototype Rancour for Bennett, which has a high base attack and also is a F2P option! For gacha options: Aquila Favonia and the Mistsplitter are both very good options, both with high base attack. Other great 4-star options would be The Alley Flash or the Blackcliff Longsword. Now, the Favonius Sword is a good option if you need those extra white particles; however, it does have a very low base attack which can hold back your team’s maximum DPS potential during Bennett’s burst.


If your Bennett does not have any constellations, you will only gain that attack bonus his burst gives you when above 70% HP and are no longer healing from Bennett’s burst. While Bennett is still very broken at C0, if you do manage to get his C1, your attack bonus will no longer have an HP restriction and the burst will always grant you that attack buff no matter your HP. I would say the most important constellations to have for Bennett are his C1 and C5. C5 for those extra levels for his burst that it gives you!

Let’s talk about Bennett’s C6. So his C6 will infuse the auto attacks for sword, polearm, or claymore-wielding characters inside Bennett’s burst into pyro damage. It can either be a great buff or a huge nerf depending on the team that you are running with Bennett. I will say that usually this C6 just messes up physical carries, such as Eula or Razor, and since it can’t be inactivated, is not worth activating in my personal opinion.

Team Comps

Bennett is good in basically any team that needs a generic healer. I will say that Bennett is such a flexible character and can probably go into any team that you want him to. Xiangling is definitely someone who loves Bennett on their team. Any Xiangling team you run, should almost always include Bennett! A specific team that you can run Bennett in is the Raiden National Team, which consists of Raiden Shogun, Xingqiu, Xiangling, and Bennett. You could also run Bennett with a melt Ganyu, or a vaporize Childe, or even run a sunfire Jean team! He synergizes so well with everyone that I have full confidence that he’ll be beneficial to any team that you put him on!


I hope you guys enjoyed my guide and I hope that it helped in some way if you’re looking to bring Bennett on your future adventures! If you have any questions about my guide, or Genshin in general, you can reach out to me via Discord! is Your best Genshin Impact information site, featuring featuring in-depth guides, news, tier lists, and more.

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