Beryl Conch Route & Farming Guide

All 99 Beryl Conches that can be farmed in Genshin impact. This guide only includes the one that will refresh.

There are a total of 99 Beryl Conches in Fontaine Open-World, not including from NPC or Shops. Currently, in version 4.0, there are no characters that need this local specialty, but it’s not going to hurt to farm early for future characters.

In this guide will be a link to the official interactive map. So you can mark your pins (to know which you already collected) and follow along the route.

When creating the guide, the official interactive map is missing 11 pins, resulting in only 88 Beryl Conchest shown in the map. But I will add the pins on my images manually so you can see where the remaining Beryl Conches are.

Tips Before Farming

Since Beryl Conch is only located in underwater areas, most of the tips are useless except Lyney who can display the locations of nearby resources unique to Fontaine on the mini-map.
In addition to Freminet when he’s released in the second phase of version 4.0. When he’s on the team, he can decreases Aquatic Stamina consumption for your own party members by 35%.

Genshin Impact Interactive Map

Merusea Village (1-2 Beryl Conches)

In this route, the Beryl Conch is in the lower area of Merusea Village. You can go there by swimming inside a pool beside Xana’s stall (Will only be available after you complete Ancient Colors Quest).

North of Beryl Region (3-18 Beryl Conches)

Annapausis (18-45 Beryl Conches)

Institute of Natural Philosophy (46-66 Beryl Conches)

The first 15 Beryl Conches are in the Institute of Natural Philosophy (which can be unlocked after completing Aqueous Tidemark Quest), but the remaining 6 that were marked with red dots are not. It is located above the Institute and you can get there from an underwater waypoint up north, above the red arrow that I marked.

Elton Trench (67-85 Beryl Conches)

After getting the Beryl Conches in Poisson, you can get another 5 conches that were not marked on the official map. Teleport to the Elton Trench waypoint (right above the writing) and swim south.

Salacia Plain (86-99 Beryl Conches)


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