Book of Esoteric Revelations Quest Guide

This quest unlocked a small area in the Merusea Village “A Very Warm Place,” in addition to a special domain called Canotila and the Book of Revealing.

This quest unlocked a small area in the Merusea Village “A Very Warm Place,” in addition to a special domain called Canotila and the Book of Revealing.

Rewards: Primogem x50, Hero’s Wit x4, Mora x34000, Mystic Enhancement Ore x6 & Strange Part x1

➥ Teleport to Merusea Village waypoint and talk to the Melusine (named Canotila) standing near the small waterfall. There will be no quest mark on her so some might not notice this quest right away.

➥ Follow the quest navigation and go to the place where the book is hidden in “A Very Warm Place.” Canotila will unlock an area underwater and you can reach the strange book.

➥ After reading the strange book, your real tasks began: find 3 pages in 3 different locations.

Enigmatic Page (I)

➥ Teleport to Elynas south waypoint (not the underwater one, but the surface) and head southeast inside a ruin. You will see a group of Rifthounds with a sealed treasure chest. Defeat them to unlock the chest and get the first page.

Enigmatic Page (II)

➥ The second page is in “A Very Warm Place.” The puzzle here is super easy and you just need to hit the prism to destroy the ore in front of the small waterfall. After that, a treasure chest will appear the first page is inside the chest.

Enigmatic Page (III)

➥ The last page is northwest of Elynas near a teleport waypoint. For this one, you will see a land of purple and need to protect the mysterious crystal and defeat the Riftwolves. There are a lot of waves here so be sure to bring your best team. Once the challenge is completed, a Precious Chest will appear giving you the last page.

➥ After that, go back to Canotila and give her all the pages back (one by one). You will then be automatically teleported to a new location. There’s quite a lot of puzzle here but don’t worry because you can go back to this location even after the quest is completed.

➥ Inside the new area, you need to find Canotila. Keep following the route and navigation until you see a huge gap that you can’t glide over. To go over there, you need to defeat the 2 Hilichurls so a portal will appear once you defeat them.

➥ You will reach a library (similar to the one in Enkanomiya) and there will be many Electro monuments in there. But those monuments are UNRELATED to the quest so you can leave it there for future you to complete and head to the top of the library using the stairs.

➥ A lot more portals will appear and you can just use the portal until you reach a further elevated area. On the top floor, you need to defeat a Rifthound and after that, you can get out of this mysterious area.

➥ You will then complete the quest and as you can see, a new teleport waypoint ‘Canotila and the Book of Revealing’ is unlocked and you can go back to that mysterious area to solve the remaining puzzles for chests.


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