Can Arataki Itto beat Baal’s sales in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact, throughout the year, earns a lot of money through people who invest in limited time banners. Certain 5-star characters are only available during this period and once the opportunity is lost, players never know when it’ll come back again. This is why wallets are grabbed and in-game transactions are made.

Version 2.2 saw the arrival of the Raiden Shogun’s banner. But even before she made her appearance in the gacha, people were in love with her. The Twitter post revealing her design gained around 152k likes.

While that might not seem like a big deal, when her banner was released, it broke all records. Within the first two days, the Chinese fanbase had spent more than $9 million on Baal. This made her banner the highest-selling banner throughout the history of the game. Even Ayaka, a character that players had been waiting for since the beta version, didn’t earn as much.

Now, as Genshin Impact has revealed a set of two new characters, there is a chance that Baal’s record may be broken.

Can Arataki Itto break Baal’s sales record in Genshin Impact?

Even before Itto’s reveal, he has been a much-anticipated character and they may be due to Genshin’s smart thinking. Instead of just including voice lines about an unknown character, they included bits and pieces about him throughout Inazuma. Whether you speak to NPCs or read message boards, everyone has something to say about Itto. This led to a lot of curiosity about the character with fan artists sharing their interpretations of the upcoming Oni.

Now it seems that everyone is more than just excited for Itto. Within just a few hours of his design being revealed, the official account’s tweet has received around 238k likes. This number is much higher than Baal’s and it just keeps increasing.

Of course, this isn’t enough to indicate that he’ll beat Baal’s sales but it does show that people are willing to invest in him.

What can ruin Itto’s sales?

As of now, Itto is predicted to appear in the gacha in version 2.3. From now till then, there are many things that can ruin his sales.

When Eula‘s character was first revealed, everyone was hyped. But that changed when her connection to the Lawerence Clan came to light. After the first day of her release, her banner saw a significant drop in sales. Kokomi suffered a similar fate but this was mostly due to the player base being unhappy with her skill set. Since she is meant to be a healer, there weren’t many people who were keen on getting her. Then, it was revealed during the live stream that her talent decreases her Crit Rate by 100%. Due to that, after Keqing, her banner has seen the lowest sales.

Image via Genshin Impact

The only thing known about Itto is the fact that he’s a Geo claymore user. Apart from speculation, we have no idea what his abilities will be and what role he will play in a team. Due to this, his popularity can either increase or decrease as more information is shared.

Until then though, it is possible that Itto might just end up overtaking Baal’s sales.

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