Candace Quick TL;DR Team Comp Guide

Candace (The Scarlet King’s descent)

Arguably one of the coolest weapon combos thus far in Genshin

Element: Hydro

Weapon: Polearm


Extremely tankyHas a blockLow E CD
Has HP% as hidden statGood off-field buffer with Q and A4 PassiveExtremely easy to gear/play


Struggles with energySub-par until C6 achievedSupport/Buffer role locked
Q Water enchantment can be detrimental to some characters

PSA #1: Candace’s issue is that her only real buff is the 20% Elemental NA from her Q. Her Hydro enchantment can work in very specific situations, but realistically she’s extremely underwhelming until C6. However, below is an example team comp where Candace can truly express her Q buff.

Who to take (alternatives explained below!):

  • Ayato’s E will allow him to benefit from Candace’s Q buff + also enhances his damage even if his E on CD
  • Provides Hydro resonance, which increases Max HP by 25 (further buffing Candace’s scaling)
  • His Q can further buff his NA damage (a.k.a. even without Candace’s Q buff he’s self-reliant)
  • CAN BE REPLACED WITH ANY DPS REALLY (I will clarify which DPS’ you SHOULDN’T take below!)
Yun Jin
  • Yun Jin’s Q is a strong bonus DMG buffer that’s amazing when paired with a fast hit/attack like Ayato
  • Her A4 passive will provide an additional 7.5% DMG to her Q as you will have 3 elements on your team
  • Her C2 provides an additional 15% NA DMG buff and can provide Crystallize shields
  • Q is an amazing source of passive energy generation + her A4 passive, solving Candace’s energy issue
  • Tether also heals, as well as marking enemies in-between with Electro (for reactions)
  • Essential to triggering Electro-Charged for this comp

PSA #2: The team above focuses heavily on buffing Ayato’s DPS out during E — via direct NA and on-hit DMG. If you have a C6 Candace, she can fit in a lot more comp variations as well (think her of as a pseudo-Xingqiu role). As for main DPS, any Catalyst DPS (like Ningguang) will work since their NA are innately elemental!

Great flex slot alternatives:

  • Any Anemo – Since every Anemo character runs 4x VV, you can shred Hydro RES on enemies which further the efficiency of Candace’s Q buff
  • Barbara/Kokomi – Both are great healers to pair with Candace, however since Kokomi can be run as technically a “burst DPS.” Candace can actually boost her DPS output during her Q form pretty well
  • Any Catalyst DPS – Since their NA’s are innately elemental and cannot be overriden by Candace’s Q, you can still gain the 20% Elemental NA buff without losing your overall damage

Which characters to avoid (DPS not on this list are fair game!):

  • Razor – Razor heavily depends on a mix of Electro and Physical DMG. Having Candace’s Q will cut his Physical DMG buffs (or if in a Superconduct comp) significantly
  • Ayaka – Unlike her brother, Ayaka’s sprint Cryo enhancement can get overwritten, which will lower her DPS output during her 2 NA > 1 CA combo
  • Chongyun – Likewise with Ayaka, Chongyun’s E will be overridden by Candace’s Q\
  • Bennett – Surprisingly, Candace’s Q override’s Bennett’s C6 infusement due to Candace’s enhancement proc’ing half a second more often than Bennett’s

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS BELOW! I’ll try my best to respond as I know some players may not have ANY of the characters mentioned.

Hope this helped. Bye.


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