Cecilia Garden Domain Guide

Why spend resin on this domain?

Greetings Travelers! Cecila Garden is an essential Domain for farming precious weapon ascension materials, with it being the primary way to unlock Decarabian, Boreal Wolf and Dandelion Gladiators items. You may never need to venture here if your weapons don’t require this, but once they do you’re left without a choice – and this domain requires an unique approach.

One minute it’s unless, then it’s all you need.

What bonuses/penalties are there in this Domain?

Cecilia Garden has a unique mechanic in Genshin Impact where all the cooldowns on your skills are vastly increased – gradually increasing as the level of the domain increases.. You also have to kill an enemy every 40 seconds or you fail the domain.

Which characters should I take?

The theme for this domain requires that you tailor your party to the challenge or you’ll find yourself having a hard time. There are two approaches to this Domain – you can try and cleanse the Hydro Element with a character like Bennett, but every enemy is Hydro so they are likely to reapply it. (To Cleanse, you inflict yourself with another element, such as Pyro from Bennett’s Elemental Burst.) However, most of the ways to do this will rely on your cooldowns which are increased in this domain so it’s unreliable. Therefore you want to take characters that don’t rely on their Elemental Skills or Burst to do damage, or have very low cooldowns. For example Hu Tao and Childe rely on their Elemental Skill to deal damage with their auto attacks, so they are heavily nerfed here, whereas a character like Razor or Physical Keqing are very well suited. Low cooldowns are also well suited so you can still build up energy – Bennett again is a great choice with only 4 seconds on his cooldown. Jean can lift up every enemy to get even more damage out of your cooldowns. You will also need to be prepared to break a Hydro shield, so bring a character who can do this without cooldowns such as Fishchl’s Bow or Ningguang’s auto-attacks.

Bennett is a great overall choice for this domain. Lucky him.

What strategy should I use?

Once in the domain, you first will have to kill 8 Hydro Slimes. This shouldn’t be too much trouble but pay attention to the timer. If you struggle with the timer, try to leave one Slime alive on low hp while you deal damage elsewhere, then come back to it. However you want to ensure that all of your Elemental Skills are ready to use for the second phase, as you have 50 seconds to kill two Hydro Abyss Mages. If you have your cooldowns ready and prepared your party accordingly you can kill them. A good strategy is to bear in mind they will both spawn towards the tree at the end of the domain, so if you run to the opposite end of the arena by the stairs when they should both teleport towards you, allowing you to deal damage to both of them at once.

You’ll also want to use any Sacrificial weapons you have for everyone but your main damage dealer for a chance to reset those cooldowns.

This should help your timer.

When should I start farming this domain?

As soon as you unlock this domain, it’s fine to get started. The materials get better as your AR increases but the same can be said for every use of resin in the game. However for Weapon Materials, unlike artifacts, you can use alchemy to combine three into the higher rarity version so farming at any AR will never go entirely to waste. So as soon as you get a weapon that requires the level up materials, don’t hesitate to check it out!

And that’s it – enjoy the farm for your new weapon ascensions! May your luck be blessed with some higher rarity materials!


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