Cecilia Location Guide

Cecilia is a flower that is considered a local speciality of Mondstadt. Despite this though, it can only be found in one location and is used as an ascension material for characters. Follow this guide to ensure you’re able to collect all the flowers in time.


In-Game Description

A beautiful flower with a name that suits its appearance. It only grows where harsh winds blow, and is just as intangible as the true heart of an unbound soul.


While they are a local speciality, Cecilias only grow on Starsnatch Cliff. Thankfully, most of the flowers are found in a cluster of four so you should be able to collect a good amount in a single run.

Cecilia Locations

One thing to keep in mind while harvesting Cecilia flowers is that they all grow on the edge of cliffs or near protruding rocks.

To start gathering them, use the Midsummer Court domain as your teleport point and climb up to Starsnatch Cliff. Keep close to the edge and start exploring. You should find most of the flowers this way.

When you’ve collected them, get the flowers growing on and near protruding rocks in the area. As stated before, most of the time, the flowers grow in a cluster of at least four. Finally, glide down to the back of the Thousand Winds Temple. You’ll find around five more flowers there.


While you can’t buy Cecilia flowers from a shop, you can receive them from NPCs. Just keep in mind that this will only happen once.


Sharp is a mercenary that can be found on Starsnatch Cliff from 19:00 – 06:00 hours. He’s been hired by Goth to keep his son Marvin safe and since Marvin visits the cliff every night with Marla, Sharp will always be close behind.

As you start talking to him, Sharp will express disdain for his job. Not because of his pay though. He just doesn’t like the idea of spending every night keeping an eye on Marvin and Marla. Ask him if he’s bored, he’ll tell you that Marvin asked him to pick up some flowers but he seems to have forgotten all about it.

He’ll then give you five Cecilias.


Grace is a nun that can be found in front of Barbastos’s statue in Mondstadt city. She is available in the daytime from 06:00 – 19:00 hours.

When you talk to her, ask her what she’s doing and as the dialogue tree branches again, ask her about the unsettling omens you keep seeing. Hearing this, Grace will give you three Cecilias.

Alternate Methods

As of now, Cecilia flowers cannot be found in any shop in Mondstadt. Even Chloris, the botanist, does not carry them. However, if you want, you can grow the flowers in your teapot. Seeds can either be obtained from the teapot shop or you can use the Seed Dispensary while collecting flowers.

Planted flowers will take about 2 days and 22 hours to grow.

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