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Sayu Sayu “Mujina Ninja” is a four-star Anemo character that uses the Claymore weapon in Genshin Impact. She is Shiyuumatsu-Ban’s Resident Ninja from Inazuma. You can find all the top character guides and builds for Sayu here.


Sayu Quick TL;DR Team Comp Guide!

Sayu (your residential Beyblade enthusiast) Element: Anemo Weapon: Claymore Pros: Consistent Anemo procs Decent heals Strong with EM build Has EM as her hidden stat Generates a lot of particles Decent AoE High mobility...


Sayu Quick TL;DR Support Build Guide!

PSA #1: Supports are those battle medics that believe the best way to keep your teammates alive is to kill the enemy 😎 PSA #2: Both Sayu’s abilities scale off ATK, but honestly you’ll...