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One of the mighty and illuminated adepti guarding Liyue, also heralded as the “Vigilant Yaksha.”

Despite his youthful appearance, tales of his exploits have been documented for millennia.

He is especially fond of Wangshu Inn’s Almond Tofu.

This is because it tastes just like the sweet dreams he used to devour.


Xiao Quick TL;DR Team Comp Guide

Xiao (your residential, depressed, sad boi of Genshin) Element: Anemo Weapon: Polearm Pros: Low E CD Incredible damage multipliers Easy to play Strong self buffs CRIT DMG as hidden stat Easy to gear Great...

Xiao Portrait 2

Xiao Quick TL;DR DPS Build Guide

UPDATED FOR 1.5 😁! PSA #1: DPS are the main protagonists. Absolutely dog at everything other than getting hurt and doing a lot of damage PSA #2: Both Xiao’s abilities scale off ATK and...