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Yoimiya PortraitYoimiya “Frolicking Flames” is an upcoming five-star Pyro character that uses the Bow weapon in Genshin Impact. She is the owner of Naganohara Fireworks from Inazuma. You can find all the top character guides and builds for Yoimiya here.


Yoimiya Quick TL;DR DPS Build Guide!

PSA #1: Your DPS is that one friend in elementary where you guys take turns playing a video game if the other person dies, but when they die they say “wait, one more time”...


Yoimiya Quick TL;DR Team Comp Guide!

Yoimiya (your local pyrotechnician that’s obsessed with fireworks) Element: Pyro Weapon: Bow Pros: Consistent Pyro procs Low E CD Strong self-buffs Has CRIT% as hidden stat Decent multipliers Amazing single target DPS Versatile in...