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Wangsheng Funeral Parlor’s mysterious consultant. Handsome, elegant, and surpassingly learned.

Though no one knows where Zhongli is from, he is a master of courtesy and rules. From his seat at Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, he performs all manner of rituals.


Zhongli Quick TL;DR Team Comp Guide

Zhongli (HE WILL HAVE ORDER) Element: Geo Weapon: Polearm Pros: Low E CD Low Q CD Has massive AoE Petrification CC goes through shields/armor Extremely easy to gear/play Not constellation dependent Great at breaking...

Zhongli Portrait 19

Zhongli Quick TL;DR DPS Build Guide

UPDATED FOR 1.5 😁! PSA #1: A DPS is a literal GOD and their team is their worshipers. Worship your god and they’ll make your enemies disappear; otherwise, you better start praying PSA #2:...