Chise and the Stormstones Quest Guide

Chise and the Stormstones is a hidden quest that can be found on Tsurumi Island. Before you go looking for the quest, make sure to finish the world quest series Through the Storm.

Through the Storm quests

Finding Chise

Since this is a hidden quest, to find it, teleport to Autake Plains. Travel in the direction of Wukukua Shoal and you’ll find Chise’s ghost standing near a statue of the Thunderbird. Interact with him.

Instead of talking directly to you, Chise will talk to the Thunderbird, asking why he has been forsaken. Since he cannot cross the Sea of Fog, he believes that he has done something to anger it. He then concludes that he has to light up all the Stormstones in order to appease the Thunderbird. Unfortunately, his time on the island is short since he has to leave for the Golden land with the boatman soon. This is why Chise will ask for your help.

Lighting up the Stormstones

The entirety of Autake Plains is full of Stormstones that were initially placed to help the travellers navigate through the dense fog in the area. To light them up you need to use the Electro element. Keep in mind that Thunderbough Sakura’s will not work. It is recommended that you add a ranged character like Fischl or Sara to your party.

As for the Stormstones, there is no particular order that you need to light them in but you have to light them all. Just follow the locations marked on the map to find them all. Keep in mind that some of them will have enemies surrounding them. You’ll have to fight Hilichurls, Slimes, Abyss Mages, Ruin Sentinels and even Rifthounds should they spot you.

Lastly, some of the Stormstones will only become visible if you use the feather in front of the Thunderbird’s statue. So, whenever you see a statue, make sure to use the feather.

Chise’s Farewell

Once all the Stormstones have been lit, go back to Chise and talk to him. As you do, he will believe that the Thunderbird has finally forgiven him. After that, he’ll disappear. Once he does, in his place, a Precious Chest will appear.

You will receive 40 Primogems, 30,000 Mora and 3 Hero’s Wit.

By completing this quest, you’ll also unlock the achievement Light Up The Fog.

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