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Pick up the conch and heed the ballads of yesteryear. In notes of melody may pearlescent dreamlands manifest. Henceforth, rendezvous once more in the embrace of memories...

Pick up the conch and heed the ballads of yesteryear. In notes of melody may pearlescent dreamlands manifest. Henceforth, rendezvous once more in the embrace of memories…

Event Details

Event Duration
➥ July 27, 2023 12:00 – August 3, 2023 23:59 (UTC+8)

Event Summary
➥ During the event, complete and share the event to get Primogem Redemption Codes (limited to 5 million in quantity) and Hero’s Wit Redemption Codes (limited to 3 million in quantity).
➥ After obtaining a redemption code, you can use it to redeem the gift pack via Settings > Account > Redemption Code in the game. PlayStation players can scan the QR code after opening the page to participate in the event.

Event Rewards
Primogems ×40 (limited to 5 million in quantity)
Hero’s Wit ×2 (limited to 3 million in quantity)

Players must have an Adventure Rank of 10 and above to activate the gift pack, and each UID can only receive the pack once.
The Primogem and item Redemption Codes are valid until August 9, 2023, 23:59 (UTC+8). Please claim it within the validity period.

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#1 | First Blossom of Spring

➥ Tap on the Waverider Waypoint above the spot where you started the game. When the Waverider appears, keep going left until you see the conch on top of a rock. After that, head back to the spot at the Waverider Waypoint.

#2 | The Blaze Lilies

➥ From the previous location, head south until you see a torch. Put Hydro Slime near the torch to get the conch.

#3 | Love Is in the Air

➥ Go further south until you see a group of Dendro Slimes. Put another Dendro Slime there to get the conch.

#4 | Hyakuin of Blossoming Mirage

➥ Head west and walk until you see a bush. Keep tapping on that bush until you get the conch.

#5 | Remembrance of Akitsu

➥ Keep walking east until you see a Weasel Thief. Then, keep following it (keep walking east) to get the conch.

#6 | Melody of Utsava

➥ From the spot you caught up with the Weasel Thief, there will be a bunch of logs up north. Put Pyro Slime to get the conch underneath it.

#7 | Whisper of Weinlesefest

➥ Keep walking north until you see a conch on the seaside. Put a Cryo Slime there to get the conch. You can see a duck and Golden Bass near that location, tap on the Golden Bass to get a Fish. You’ll need it for conch #10.

#8 | Euphoric Ride

➥ Head north again and you will see Electro Crystals. Put a Pyro Slime there to get a conch.

#9 | Dance of Sabzeruz

➥ Head west for a broken carriage and a pile of leaves. Put Anemo Slime there to get a conch underneath it.

#10 | The Final Feast

➥ Lastly, head south until you see a white cat. Go toward an orange cat and put the Fish in the bowl near the orange cat to move the white cat. You can get the conch after that.

How to Get the Primogems Code

➥ Once you get all the conches, tap on the Conchopedia on the right side of the screen. There will be (1) Phantasmal Conches, (2) Imaging Conches, and (3) Echoing Conches.
➥ Phantasmal and Imaging Conches will give out Primogems ×40, while Echoing Conches give out Hero’s Wit x2.

Tap on the treasure icon beside the Primogems, choose [Share to Obtain Primogems], and click on the yellow chain icon to share it. After that, you will instantly get the Primogems code. The same can be done with the Echoing Conches that give out Hero’s Wit.
➥ After you get the code, you can redeem it on the official redemption website here (Redeem Code) or in-game.


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