Cor Lapis Locations Guide

Cor Lapis is a golden gemstone that can be found only in Liyue. It is used to ascend characters which is why having a good number of them in your inventory is important. However, finding Cor Lapis isn’t easy since this gemstone can either be found in groups or you’ll find a single piece in one region.

The following guide will cover all the locations of Cor Lapis to make your search easier.


A precious crystal of condensed pure Geo element that usually grows along with other minerals. It’s also commonly called “Cor Petrae.”

Characters that use Cor Lapis


As stated above, Cor Lapis can only be found in Liyue. Before you start your search, it’s important to have the perfect team to make farming easier. First, you should either have Qiqi or Yanfei. The two of them have a talent that will mark Liyue specialities on your mini-map. Then, since Cor Lapis is a gemstone, you’ll need a claymore user to break out the stone. For this, you can also use Zhongli since his elemental skill can help farm for large number of gemstones quickly. Finally, having a character that reduces stamina consumption such as Kaeya or Beidou will help. You can also get this effect by activating Anemo Resonance.

Location 1

It’s best to start your search with Mt Huloa since that has the largest number of ore veins throughout Liyue. Teleport to the waypoint and from there, make your way down to the end of the mountain. You should find at least two pockets with around 4 pieces right on the top.

Once you’re done there, teleport to the waypoint in Mt. Aocang (previously known as Mt Aozang) and then climb to the top. Following the locations marked on the map, you’ll have to glide down to the other end of the terrain where you’ll find your Cor Lapis.

From here, you can start looking in other places since there you’ll only find a single piece of Cor Lapis and not a few of them grouped together.

Location 2

You can find a lot of Cor Lapis in the Cuijue Slope area. However, most of the ore veins only have a single piece available which is why you’ll have to do a lot of running. This area is also full of enemies like Hilichurls, Abyss Mages and Treasure Hoarders. More often than not they can be found near the ore veins so either be ready to fight or flee.

Location 3

From Dunyu Ruin onwards, there are only a few ore veins with Cor Lapis. However, while they are all far and apart, when ascending characters, you’ll need up to 168 pieces. Take the time to search in these areas as well. However, remember that during your run, you’ll face enemies here as well. For instance, the Dunyu Ruin area is full of Ruin Guards as well as Fatui Skirmishers. These enemies can also be found in Lingju Pass. In Qingxu Pool you may run into Hilichurls as well as Abyss Mages.

Location 4

Guyun Stone Forest is an ore heavy area and it has its share of Cor Lapis as well. The majority of the pieces can be found near the Domain of Guyun. You might have to go around a Hilichurl camp to get the rest.

Location 5

Finally, you’ll find some pieces of Cor Lapis in the mines in Mingyun Village. Keep in mind that this abandoned village is full of Hilichurls and a lot of the time, they’ll be guarding mine entrances. Yaoguang Shoal may only have two pieces but to get to them you’ll have to avoid enemies like Cicin Mages and Hilichurls.

Finally, Salt Terrae has a good share of the ore. However, to get in there, you’ll have to finish Historia Antiqua Chapter: Act 1: Sal Flore. Once you finish this quest, the area will be unlocked and you can go there every 2-3 days to collect Cor Lapis.

Alternative Methods

Unlike flowers, you can’t grow Cor Lapis in your teapot. But, you can buy it from an NPC named Changshun who can be found at Liyue Harbor. She’ll sell you around 5 pieces of Cor Lapis for a total of 7500 Mora. Her shop resets in three days so you can get around 10 pieces in a week.

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