Daiya’s Three-Day Reverie Quest Guide

After unlocking the last area in Veluriyam Mirage: Thinkers' Theater, a new quest can be started for a lots of treasure chest and Primogems.

This quest is located in Thinkers’ Theater, the last area to be unlocked after completing the event quest Secret Summer Paradise: Part 3. Inside the quest, you will uncover a small hidden area that will only be available after you continue with the navigation. By the end of the quest, you will get a Luxurious Chest (along with many treasure chests along the way).

Daiya’s Three-Day Reverie

➥ Teleport to Thinkers’ Theater north waypoint and walk to the bridge towards the south and you will see a speaker with 3 paintings around it. Check it out with Paimon. You will have three new sub-quests to complete, each in different locations. You can choose which one to go first, but I will go in order.

The Black Nacre and the All-Devoruring Kraken

➥ For the first sub-quest, glide from your previous location towards the southeast following the quest navigation. The speaker will make an announcement when you reach the location. After that, just keep listening to the narrator on speaker.

➥ From there, just follow the quest navigation and board the Choo-Choo Cart. Inside the cave, you need to use the cannon to defeat Kraken’s minions. You need to operate the cannon by moving it (use AWSD for PC/laptop) to aim at the minions that were above the water and shoot by pressing [Enter]. There are no time limits so take your time. After completing the challenge, a treasure chest will appear and you will get 1 Joyeux Voucher.

➥ Continue boarding the cart to another location. This time, you need to complete a Preprint challenge. Wait until the long dialogue is over and then the challenge will start: you need to avoid all the ice/rock (?) that were thrown at you by using the red anchor indicator. There will also be barrels that appear during the middle of the challenge, and you can take cover using those. After this challenge is completed, an Exquisite Chest will appear and you can get 1 Joyeux Voucher.

➥ After the Preprint challenge, you need to use a cannon to break down a wall. Lift the cannon’s direction upwards two times and fire it.

➥ Inside the hidden vault, after listening to the speaker, make sure to interact with the Precious Chest (there is NO Joyeux Voucher inside). This will be the end of Kraken’s story.

Petrifying Gaze

➥ Teleport to Thinkers’ Theater north waypoint and head north until you see another speaker. A Lone Hydro Eidolon will accompany you throughout the story. 

➥ Inside this cave, the puzzle is to make sure the Eidolon is safe from the owl’s gaze that will change it to rock. For the first puzzle, just push the box on the left of the owl to block its sight. A treasure chest (1 Joyeux Voucher) will spawn after you complete the first puzzle. After that, the first few puzzles are easy because you only need to push one box at a time.

This is how the boxes should look to complete the puzzle (1)

➥ For the more ‘complex’ puzzle here, you need to push the inner box first. Then, push the outer box so it will get stuck in the middle lane held by the inner box. Lastly, push the inner box back.

This is how the boxes should look to complete the puzzle (2)

➥ A new batch of owls will appear at the same location. Now, follow the instructions below, and then a treasure chest will spawn (1 Joyeux Voucher):

  1. Push the outer box (towards the owl, not to the other empty end)
  2. Push the inner box
  3. Push the outer box
  4. Push the inner box

➥ When you arrive at the castle, go to the Streaming Projector and push the box in front of the screen to block the sight of an owl before starting the Preprint puzzle (You will get an option ‘Full Speed Ahead’).

➥ In the puzzle, the red bubble will appear and disappear/move, so you need to avoid approaching the red bubble while speeding toward the treasure chest to get a key. You need to do this 2 times. After that, follow the quest navigation to complete the sub-quest.

➥ Don’t forget to get this chest that will spawn after you complete this story (right after you give the Remedy to the stone-ified Hydro Eidolon. There’s no Joyeux Voucher in it but there’s Primogems and Furniture.

Skycastle Saviors

Use those Four-Leaf Sigils to reach the area safely

➥ Teleport to Thinkers’ Theater north waypoint and glide south towards the floating rock+tower on it.

➥ After a long dialogue with the speaker, start the Streaming Projector at the top of this floating rock. Your task is to collect all the Anemo Particles. When the last 3 Particles run away from the screen, you need to fight some weak enemies.

➥Walk to the speaker again to complete the sub-quest. A treasure chest will appear after that, so don’t forget to claim it (there is NO Joyeux Voucher inside this).

➥ Now that all sub-quests are completed, follow the main quest navigation and go to the broadcasting station at the Thinkers’ Station. You need to use a Four-Leaf Sigils to reach the top platform of the area (look in the image above for the location in case you didn’t see it). A Luxurious Chest will spawn and you will get 1 Joyeux Voucher from inside it.


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