Dandelion Seed Location Guide

Dandelion Seed is a character ascension material that can only be found in Mondstadt. To obtain this material, not only do you have to find their location but also bring along an Anemo character so turn the flowers into seeds.



A tiny seed that rides on the wind. Even without its feathered wings, it still holds the hope from afar within. In a sense, the dandelion represents the romantic spirit of love and freedom. In the land of the wind, where dandelions are found in abundance, people use dandelions in wine making. Experts in local folklore believe that in ancient times, wine brewed from dandelions had a strong symbolic meaning.


Dandelion Seeds can be found throughout Mondstadt. In most locations, you’ll have a few dandelion plants growing together but in certain places, you’ll only find one.

Listed below are all the locations for Dandelion Seeds.

Mondstadt City

Bein the city of freedom and dandelions, it’s obvious that Dandelion plants can be found outside Mondstatdt. Most of them grow on either side of the main entrance and all you need to collect them is an Anemo character. Since Sucrose’s normal attacks do Anemo damage, she is the best character to take with you while farming.

Once you’ve collected all the seeds near the city walls, cross the bridge and head towards Windrise. Over there, you’ll find at least two Dandelion flowers near the Temple of the Falcon.

Daduapa Gorge

Dadaupa Gorge and the areas surrounding it have a good number of Dandelion plants that you shouldn’t ignore.

To begin your search, teleport to the Temple of the Lion first and collect the Dandelion Seed there. Then, teleport to Dadaupa Gorge and check two of the major Hilichurl Camps there since most of the plants grow in their vicinity.

Finally, head down to Cape Oath for the last of the Dandelion Seed in the area.

Dawn Winery

Much like Dadaupa Gorge, Dawn Winery and its surrounding areas are places where Dandelion Seeds can be found.

First, teleport to Springvale to collect the seeds there. You’ll only find one plant there but something is better than nothing.

Once you’re done there, teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Dawn Winery and pick up the seeds in the places marked on the map above. Instead of making your way to the Winery itself, head towards Wolvedom and you should find Dandelion flowers on the way.

Ridge Watch

While this portion of the Teyvat map doesn’t have an official name, it is located close to the Ridge Watch domain on the outskirts of Dragonspine. A lot of Dandelion Seeds can be found in this particular location so you definitely don’t want to ignore it.

Keep in mind that as you search, you may run into a few Hilichurl camps so either be ready to sprint away or to fight.

Other Locations

These are places on the Teyvat Map where you’ll find maybe one or two Dandelion flowers.

Just head on over to the marks placed on the map above and you should have all the Dandelion Seeds in no time.


You can buy five Dandelion Seed sets from Karpillia. She is an NPC in Ritou, Inazuma and the owner of the Sailing Breeze shop. This is not a limited purchase so you can always come back for more seeds every time there is a shop reset.

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