Dehya & Mika Officially Announced as Playable Characters

There will be two new characters in the next version of Genshin Impact. Check out their full introduction and voice-lines from other characters in this page!

The next new characters for version 3.5 have been teased by HoYoverse! Two new characters may be released in the upcoming version and we are already familiar with both of them as they had made an appearance in previous Archon Quests and a time-limited event.



“Sing a song, sing along, take your sitar, let’s sing all day long.”
“Sing my sword, sing my bow, sing my tattered ban-dan-oh.”
“Fear no one, fear no lad, only fear if Dehya is mad.”
“We love Dehya, she’s beautiful and strong. Oh, our precious Dehya, we’ll never do you wrong.”
— A song sung by the members of “Blazing Beasts” around the campfire

◆ Flame-Mane
◆ Unfettered Desert Mercenary
◆ Pyro
◆ Mantichora


Dehya ‧ Flame-Mane
Unfettered Desert Mercenary

“The Eremites,” a loosely-organized mercenary organization, is Sumeru’s most powerful armed force. They consist of many mercenaries and bands of warriors-for-hire who carry out assignments independently.

One such brigade is the “Blazing Beasts,” whose most renowned member is Dehya, also known as the “Flame-Mane.”

A highly regarded warrior among the mercenary circles, Dehya is brave without being impulsive, and strong without being arrogant. Life in the harsh desert environment has allowed Dehya to accumulate much combat wisdom through various battles, and she is by no means your typical insolent and ignorant martial artist.

As long as the pay is good and the commission reasonable, Dehya is more than willing to take up her sword to defend those who hire her.

However, there is one thing these employers should be aware of. That is, the agreement they establish with Dehya is only temporary and purely transactional. The reins to tame this lioness is never, and will never be in their hands.

Although mercenaries sell their strength to make a living, their dignity and lives belong only to themselves.

The desert lioness is no one’s slave, and her sword only follows her heart.


1) Candace
Whenever Dehya brings any of her Eremites to stay at Aaru Village, she always keeps them on their very best behavior. I have to say, it makes my life a lot easier. Ah, Dehya… She might look like trouble at first, but the truth is that she’s really quite adorable.

2) Dori
I hire her to help escort my caravans from time to time. After all, she’s got the muscle, and her price is reasonable. When it comes to cost-performance ratio, she’s always the best pick.

3) Nilou
It’s hard to believe that so many things have happened recently… I wanted to pick out a good present for Dehya and Dunyarzad, but I just can’t make up my mind. Everyone at the Grand Bazaar has given me many suggestions, but if I took them all, it’d be too much… What should I do…

4) Tighnari
Everything happened so fast, and I didn’t get the chance to properly thank her. To have a capable and reliable person like her on your side is extremely fortunate. I’m sure she must have many groups trying to persuade her to join their ranks. But she definitely doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who would be interested in joining the Akademiya or the Forest Rangers, so I’ll spare myself the inevitable rejection.



“I recruited Mika into the expedition team to hone his combat skills. As for why he reports directly to me… Well, since Jean isn’t with us, I needed someone trustworthy to deal with all the odd errands, hahaha.”
— Varka’s “explanation” to “Alder Knight” Frederica after a session of drinking.

◆ Coordinates of Clear Frost
◆ Front-Line Land Surveyor of the Knights of Favonius
◆ Cryo
◆ Palumbus


Mika ‧ Coordinates of Clear Frost
Front-Line Land Surveyor of the Knights of Favonius

Mika, who is a member of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company, always diligently fulfills all the duties that come his way.

Setting up tents, lighting fires for cooking, repairing equipment… Even Hertha, the logistics captain, has nothing but praise for Mika’s excellent efficiency.

Mika’s dedication to work is not due to a weak character or his inability to say no, but instead stems from the value that he attaches to teamwork, and a genuine desire to learn from his experienced colleagues.

“Helping everyone as much as possible benefits the entire team too!”

Mika’s favorite pastime is closely linked to his primary duty as a front-line surveyor.

That is: surveying unexplored regions, recording topographical data, and drawing accurate and effective maps.

“There is an abundance of resources here, but it is surrounded by monsters. Take note to exercise caution.”

Mika, whose dream is to become an expert cartographer, adds another annotation to the new version of the military map he is designing.


1) Amber
Oh! Mika’s a veteran of Eula’s team. When he first arrived, it was always “Yes, Commander!” every time he spoke to me — I guess it must have been because he saw how close I was with Eula. But then, even after I told him I was actually an Outrider, he still called me “Ma’am”… It was so embarrassing. We have completely different responsibilities, after all. I definitely could never match his expertise in cartography.

2) Eula
When Mika was assigned to the Reconnaissance Company, I thought that he’d only last a few days, just like the others before him. But he surprised me. He never made a peep, but he completed all of his tasks quite admirably. He even volunteered to run errands for me, and assist with communication… Hmph… I don’t know who is going around telling people that I need looking after…

3) Jean
The Grand Master placed Mika on the front line of the expedition team not simply because he met the requirements of the mission — more importantly, he was impressed by Mika’s hardworking and grounded nature. From my own perspective, I feel very honored to work with someone like him.

4) Kaeya
When I first met Mika, he seemed like the nervous type, so I decided to joke around with him a little. I didn’t count on that making him even more nervous… His smile looked as if it were plastered onto his face, and in the end, he even wrote me a letter of apology. Tsk-tsk. Does taking everything so seriously run in the Schmidts’ blood?

5) Lisa
I do rather envy Huffman for having such a caring little brother. Mika takes care of everything around the house and even looks after him when he’s drunk… Ah, how nice it must be to lounge around all day without a care in the world… Hmm? What do you mean, I already do that? You’re getting quite bold these days, aren’t you, cutie?

In the meantime, Alhaitham and Yaoyao will be making their first appearance in-game in version 3.4. Look here for the first banner in Genshin Impact 3.4.


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