Dendrobium Location Guide

Dendrobium is a red flower that was added to Genshin Impact with the release of Inazuma. Initially, they could only be used as an offering for the tombs of fallen soldiers. But this has changed since the 2.1 update. Now, Dendrobiums act as ascension materials for characters. Follow this guide to find out details on where they are located and what you’ll have to do to get them.


This is a list of characters that need Dendrobium and it will be updated whenever necessary.



In the game, this is how Dendrobiums are described:

A vibrant plant that has also been named the “lycoris” by the poets. It was once thought extinct in the Inazuman archipelago, only to re-emerge now upon the battlefields. It is said that it blooms most enchantingly where much blood was spilled.


The Dendrobium flowers are found in three separate locations. A handful grow near Kujou Encampment and around the Maguu Kenki while the majority of the flowers can be found on Nazuchi Beach. Unfortunately, since these flowers grow on battlefields, there are tons of enemies you’ll have to face while collecting them.

Kujou Encampment

To start collecting Dendrobium, teleport to the waypoint inside Kujou Encampment. From there start walking in the direction of the Pyro Hypostasis. Along this path, you’ll find most of the Dendrobium flowers.

You’ll have to fight enemies like the ‘Fiery Might’ Kairigi who patrols the outside of the camp. Most of the Dendrobium grow around that area. You’ll find more flowers as you near the Hypostasis.

There are four Dendrobium near the Hypostasis that are protected by an electro shield. You’ll have to pick up an electrograna from the nearby abandoned ship to get them.

There are also treasure hoarders in the area that you have to fight since the flower grows near their camp.

Nazuchi Beach

Once you’ve collected all the Dendrobium near the Kujou encampment, it’s time to head to Nazuchi beach. As stated above, the majority of the flowers grow here.

To get started, teleport to the Waypoint in Tatarasuna that is closest to the beach. Start walking down from there. This is the best way to get all the flowers in one go.

As you enter Nazuchi beach, around the first flowers, there will be a Mirror Maiden. She will notice you as you reach for the flowers so a fight is inevitable here.

She won’t be the only enemy you face here, unfortunately. Nazuchi beach is crawling with Kairigi, Nobushi, Hilichurls and Electro Whopperflowers. They can’t really be avoided since the flowers seem to grow close to them, usually located right next to their camps.

Make sure that you also check out the abandoned boats since Dendrobium’s grow near them as well.

Maguu Kenki

The Maguu Kenki is a world boss whose drops are used as ascension materials for characters like Kazuha. In Inazuma, he is located between the Serpent’s Head and Jakotsu Mine. And since this is a battlefield, you’ll find a good number of Dendrobium here.

To collect the flowers, teleport to the Waypoint closest to the boss and then, glide down. Do not step onto the Maguu Kenki platform and instead, go around it. You’ll find that most of the flowers are located close to one another.

Once you’ve collected the flowers in this area, you’ll be done. As of now, there are no shops that sell Dendrobium’s so you’ll have to wait for 2-3 days for them to respawn.

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